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28 May 2024
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by Mia 28 May 2024
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The Tale of Mia by Tanishq's Native Collection
Yet again, this Akshaya Tritiya, Mia by Tanishq is all set to personify elegance with the launch of the latest jewellery collection, the “Native Collection”. Through this game-changing collection, we celebrate women who are constantly breaking free from societal strings holding them back.
What makes a woman “divine” is her commitment to never being dimmed by the imposed mundanity of daily life - instead letting her unique shine come through by watering her very roots. It is what exactly our Native Collection signifies - a connection to your deepest, rawest self, grounded in originality and endurance.
As the sparkle has always been there somewhere, within you or your favourite woman - Mia by Tanishq aims to manifest it into reality. Have the native necklace designs like that of our Nomadic Warli Charm 22KT Gold Necklace glimmer around your neck and remind you of your power and determination every day before you head out to work.
Let a stack of Chic Warli 22KT Gold Bangle, Saura Artistry 22KT Gold Bangleon your wrist symbolise how far you've come with every graceful "clink"! The Artisanal Warli Art 22KT Gold Stud, Saura Alchemy 22KT Gold Pendant and Saura Symphony 22KT Gold Bangle are all representative of your constant, unchanging and all-powerful soul.
In our “Native Collection”, you’re sure to find the right piece of jewellery that vibes with your unapologetic self.
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Beauty Tip
Take the time you need to make sure that what you bought makes you feel like the inner you
We are Inspired by You
Our main source of inspiration is you in your most authentic form and the metaphorical place of your nativity. Emerging from the fertile grounds of Mother Earth to a place of success and infinite love - you excel in every realm of life.
Nothing drives us more to create unique designs than your vibrant personality and consistent strive to get things done! Across the collection inspired by Warli art across the earrings to the pendant designs - every intricate carving and detail tells delightful tales about the Mia woman.
Womanhood and Feminine Poise
Not only are you blessed with unique characteristics of your own, but you inspire fellow women across generations, every single day. Your sensitivity to every situation drives away the stagnancy of modern life.
Even holding a conversation with you puts a disturbed mind to rest, healing others of any lingering doubts about the miraculous nature of life. Our Native Collection encapsulates all of these emotions in the form of 22-karat Gold Jewellery.
Warli Art Design & Saura Art
Warli art and Saura Art are ancient Indian cultures passed down through generations in Indian tribes. Their captivating art and vibrant culture­ touched something dee­p within us. These ele­ments became the­ foundation for the peaceful, grounding e­motions we aim to capture in our Native Colle­ction.
We drew inspiration from different elements of the Earth. Legends attest how Warli women were known to paint the walls of their new homes after marriage to reflect through the artwork, the emotions of delight and innocent ecstasy! This is what inspired us to turn such sentiments into material form - through our Native Collection jewellery ornaments.
The Tarpa Dance
This dance style depicts the circle of life. It has been around since ancient times, with tribal folks participating in it in full glory. The Tarpa is essentially an instrument which is played by some, while others dance to its tunes.
The moves are believed to impart the necessary vitality for the crops to grow healthily during harvest season. With its undeniable mystical undertones, the tarpa dance inspired a lot of the designs in our Native Collection.
Find the Perfect Type of Jewellery from Our Artful Native Collection
Have you been obsessed with the Indo-Western style lately and want to slay your look? The layering of a solid-coloured or floral-printed shrug on top of a pastel-coloured tank top, paired with classic ripped jeans is the perfect outfit-combo screaming Indo-western!
Finally, top it all off with the versatile Native jewellery pieces to bring the entire look together, while simultaneously maintaining an air of minimalism, grace and effortlessness.
Our Native collection has got you covered with the finest bunch of Insta-Worthy jewellery pieces. Explore the types of jewellery you can find in this latest collection from Mia by Tanishq to level up your style game this Akshaya Tritiya.
1. Pendants and Necklaces
Crafted in 22 kt gold, our pendants and necklaces symbolise an innate connection between you and the realms of nature. The designs reflect paintings on the walls of mud-houses and the famously adored Mandana paintings in Rajasthan.
Styling Tip: You can style the pendants or necklaces separately to complement the brown, green, beige or other Earthy tones of your outfit. Be it a Kurti-jeans combination or a white shirt with neutral-toned pants you can slay in every outfit with our stunning jewellery pieces. Alternatively, use them as a layering piece to create a unique set across the décolleté area.
2. Studds, Hoop Earrings and Drop Earrings
The various studs, hoop earrings and drop earrings are made with keeping “working women” in mind. So, if there is a celebration at your workplace, Warli Folklore earrings are sure to bring out the Fashionista look.
With minimalistic designs and a perfect finish, you will shine in your way and yet not be overwhelmed while wearing these ornaments. From circular spiral motifs to twisted wire filigree - you can find any design you can vibe with our Native Collection!
Styling Tip: For the days you are fully decked up in your Indian attire, possibly for a cultural celebration at home or your office - keep it light on the trendy jewellery by opting for the minimalist studs.
Skip the necklace, and only put on your Spiral Glow stud earrings or Eternal Heirlooms drop earrings to spice up your look and yet look effortless!
3. Bangles
Intricately designed yet not overwhelmingly heavy - you can put on a Bangle or stack several of them up together. Make sure to check out the various Native bangle designs to find the one which speaks to you.
Throughout the day, remind yourself to take a deep breath now and then, on hearing the bangles tinkle. These are also crafted with minimalistic designs and are wearable as a style statement on every occasion!
Styling Tip: You can wear the bangle as a signifier of self-love pretty much every day. Our native bangle designs like Saura Artistry and Filigree Tales are so uniquely crafted that you can pair them with any outfit and become the Belle of the Ball.
Plus, if you want to save it for special occasions only – that’s perfect! Gold jewellery is timeless and yet constantly trending. So, pair it with anything, from a red evening gown and matching dupatta to a red saree with a black, sleeveless blouse!
We Prioritise Sustainability and Source Our Materials Ethically
Our Native Collection is a tribute to the boundless forces of nature on its own. As we prioritise the environment and Mother Nature over anything else, making sustainable choices of raw materials was a priority for us!
So, we present to you the main ingredient which went into bringing the Native Collection to life:
Recycled 22K Yellow Gold
We use recycled gold as a step towards reducing extra mining efforts and making strides towards conserving natural resources. Not only is the use of recycled gold more cost-effective but also has the same value and content as the newly mined gold.
With a high pure gold percentage, the Native Collection pieces hold incomparable value - in material and meaning! The shine of our timeless classic jewellery will be preserved throughout decades so you can hand it down to your favourite woman in the years to come too.
A Glimpse at Our Native Collection
Mia creates authentic native jewellery for the hustling woman, the stay-at-home mother dedicating all her time to keeping her family at bay or the lady looking to start her new business!
The term "Mia" translates to "mine" in Italian - gift your "own" or your beloved jewellery pieces she would cherish for life. Here’s a glimpse of some of our stand-out Native pieces:
This dainty-looking pendant containing intricate lines and interesting circular patterns is a major conversion starter piece. You are sure to be approached by some of the stylish women in your community, complimenting your taste and even asking you for some style guidance!
With the pendant as the star of the show, this neckpiece is not only a great ornament to style on its own but also a valuable layering piece. If you are confused about what to gift your mother on her birthday, this is the ideal choice!
It not only encapsulates her undeterred spirit but also her heart, the unending source of love for you and the rest of your family.
The earrings find a mix between the modern and trendy shapes of the current year while also preserving the love for tangled details inculcated in generations of women. This is the perfect pair of earrings to gift your sister as a pre-wedding present.
Every time she looks at her earrings, she will be reminded of you, her hometown and her shine within, as she settles into her new lifestyle, in a new environment.
Are you looking for the perfect pair of studs to gift to your best friend? Have her feel your appreciation for her in your life through this invaluable gift of love.
These stud earrings also tell a tale as old as time through complex lines and shapes while maintaining the iconic Mia touch of subtlety.
Level up your style quotient by accessorising your wrists with classic yet modernly designed bangles. This bangle features semi-circles around the rim making it stand out among traditionally crafted bangles.
You can wear it on its own or pair it with a bunch of other bangles and have it play the showstopper. You can also wear it with a watch to elevate the look.
This ring looks almost like the Evil Eye but is made with 22K Gold! Gift it to your beloved woman to protect her from all the bad juju in the world.
Every time she looks down at her ring, she is reminded of her divine power while being protected from and battling away any negative energy coming her way.
If you look through our Native collection, you are sure to find something which suits your personality or that of someone you have in mind. As there’s something for every woman, make sure that you explore this collection in detail and see for yourself which design resonates with your outlook on life!
We Prioritise Quality as well as Affordability Women are constantly going the extra mile to make everyone feel their best and comfortable in their skin. She gives it to you raw and keeps it 100% real . So, when it’s finally time to show her your appreciation, we know you want to take it seriously! The beloved who does anything in her power to keep that smile alive deserves the highest- quality and trendiest jewellery as gifts! However, we understand that you’d want to remain within a budget. We, at Mia by Tanishq, have made affordability our top priority to set the most reasonable price tags for our collections. Now you can simply choose the perfect design to match your vibe or that of the person you are gifting it to, without being held back by a budget! The Native collection is up for grabs at ₹18K - ₹1.6L - discover an exquisite range of stylish 22KT gold jewellery infused with sentimental value! So, don’t miss out on the chance to explore the Native collection in depth today. Our Native Collection is a nostalgia cache, reminiscing the innocence and goodness in your origin story. It is set to rebuild the often lost connection to your roots through expressive jewellery - serving symbols for appreciation and efforts towards paying tribute to one’stale of genesis. She, who is unafraid of an unforgiving society, puts herself & her own on top - just as the Native collection celebrates the own, the real. These ornaments are an emblem of how her authentic self is non-dimmable even in the harshest of circumstances.

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