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4 Dec 2023
Read mins: 4 Mins
by Mia 4 Dec 2023
Read: 4 Mins
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Thoughtful Silver Rakhis to Express Your Affection Indian traditions celebrate the beauty of relations in every festival. Raksha Bandhan stands tall among the various festivals as a celebration of love and affection between siblings. It is the day when sisters and brothers come together, strengthening their pure bond and cherishing long-life love. Today we will look at an extensive range of the best silver rakhis from the silver jewellery collections from Mia by Tanishq. From minimalist to intricate designs, we will explore rakhis that suit every style. Whether your brother loves traditional or contemporary-style rakhis, these timeless silver rakhis will surely capture his heart.
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925 Silver Tough Bro Rakhi and Detachable Pendant
From the Romani Collection, we bring you this exquisite 925 silver tough bro rakhi with a detachable pendant. It is one the coolest design of silver rakhis, boasting a bright moustache with the "BRO" word sitting atop. This silver rakhi for brother offers a metal purity of 93 with dimensions 23.5 mm and 14.3 mm for height and width, respectively. It features a detachable pendant, adding versatility to its design. This rakhi can be worn as a rakhi or a stand-alone pendant. So, celebrate your special bond with this Tough Bro rakhi in silver metal - a blend of sentiment and style.
925 Silver Rakhi and Detachable Pendant for the Queen of the House The festival of rakhi shows a sister's love and affection for her brother and a brother's care for his sister. This 925 "Queen of the House" silver rakhi is specially designed for loving brothers who makes their sisters feel like true queen. Crafted with utmost precision and 92.5 plain silver, this rakhi perfectly blends tradition and contemporary style. This delicate rakhi in silver metal features the word "Queen" embedded in an infinity design - symbolising eternal love.
925 Silver Shield Rakhi and Detachable Pendant for Protective Bhai Here is another extraordinary silver rakhi you can give your brother this Raksha Bandhan. This exquisite silver rakhi for brother features a shield motif with the word "BHAI" written in black - symbolising protection and security. The silver shield motif is a pendant that can be used to style with a stand-alone chain. Made from silver of metal purity 93, this rakhi provides dimensions of 18 mm and 143 mm for height and width, respectively. Express your deep bond and heartfelt wishes with this exquisite piece of silver jewellery.
925 Silver Compass Rakhi and Detachable Pendant for Adventurous Bhai Let us introduce you to this incredible 925 silver Compass rakhi with a detachable pendant. This rakhi boasts a sterling silver compass motif, symbolising guidance and protection. The compass motif is a detachable pendant featuring intricate detailing and a touch of elegance. This silver rakhi for brother is ideal if he is a wanderer with a soul of an adventurer. Give your brother the best rakhi, which he can style in different styles - buy silver compass rakhi! This Raksha Bandhan, show your love with a silver rakhi for brother that goes beyond a simple thread. Celebrate your remarkable bond of siblinghood with Mia by Tanishq's exclusive silver jewellery for Rakhi Bandhan. Visit our online store and check the silver rakhi price from our range of the Romani collection. Express affection in style!
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