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Very few mean the world to you. The crazy bunch who look at the world through the same lens as you do.
Finding happiness in your smile and laughing at all your quirks and comedies.
They're precious, and pure gold at heart. Their presence fills yours with warmth.
Share this feeling with a little gift. A sparkling symbol of what it all means to you, fine gold jewellery, handcrafted and presented to you from Mia by Tanishq.


A Token Of Love

Nothing shows appreciation for the special woman in your life like a pretty piece of jewellery. It’s important to shower your beloved with love and care and keep the romance going in your life. All the more so if it’s been a few years since you were married.

A gorgeous diamond necklace or a pair of beautiful earrings make the perfect anniversary jewelry gift for wife.

And if you’re looking for some jewelry gifts for girlfriend, Mia has a collection of charming bracelets, beautiful studs and handsome rings that you can give your beloved as a token of love.

Planning to get a diamond necklace for girlfriend? At Mia, you can find a plethora of options starting at the affordable price of INR 19,000.


Birthday Bash

Birthdays are special. So is showing the lovely birthday girl how much she means to you. Whether it is your wife, sister or best friend, get the special girl something shiny from our collection of gold & diamond jewellery gifts for women.

With stud earrings and pendants starting at INR 5,000, our 14kt jewellery for gifting is the perfect birthday gift. If you want to make your loved one’s birthday gift unique, take a look at the Mia Birthstone collection. There are birthstone pendantsand bracelets beautifully crafted with the constellation of your zodiac and matching birthstone.


Celebrating Milestones

It's not just anniversaries or marriages anymore, a milestone for modern, young women can be a career change, a promotion or getting into a university. And these deserve to be celebrated. And Mia’s 14kt jewellery for gifting gives you a plethora of options to choose.

How about gifting a pair of simple gold earrings for your daughter to wear as she climbs up the corporate ladder. Or a beautiful pendant and chain for her to keep as a remembrance as she leaves home to study abroad.

A huge milestone in life is deciding to spend your life with your love. And when you know you’ve found the one, get down on one knee and pull out a diamond ring gift to propose.

And it’s not just about gifting someone else. Self-love is just as important. So when you’ve got that promotion, pat yourself on the back. And buy some gorgeous jewellery gifts from you, and for you. A simple gold chain to wear to work perhaps? Or a gold bangle to match your work attire?


One For The Bridesmaids

They've always stood by you through thick and thin. And now they stand by you as you enter a new chapter in life. Your girl-squad deserves all the love and appreciation. So how about some bridesmaid jewelry to show your affection.

No matter what the occasion, Mia by Tanishq has always been a trusted place for you to shop for gold and diamond jewellery gifts for women, whether it is gold jewelry gifts for the girlfriend, or a diamond ring gift for the wife. At Mia, we have an easy returns policy as well, which means you won’t have to worry about any rings that don’t fit or jewellery being different from your loved ones’ preferences.