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    Bubble of Joy 18kt Yellow Gold Diamond Stud Earrings

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    18 KT


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    Mia by Tanishq’s jewellery for women have a delightful charm that can turn any occasion or outfit special. The new age woman has a unique sense of style that celebrates her personality and it is important that the jewellery she wears matches that spirit. Be it a bandhini dupatta with her slim fit jeans or kolhapuri chappals with her skirt, she is who she is and Mia’s 14kt solid gold, diamond and silver jewellery beautifully accessorize her uniqueness. Our necklacesbanglespendantsearrings and bracelets are made to mirror the woman who asserts herself in every sphere of her life, and looks great while doing so. For the woman of today who is always on the move, Mia- Me In Action.

    Our Signature Jewellery Collections:

    Facets - Happy, goofy, bored, flirty? We’ve got a facet for every one of your moods! With angles, cubes and varied stones, Mia’s Facets Jewellery collection reflects the many facets that together make you the unique person you are.

    Birthstone collection - Mia’s Birthstone collection is designed to celebrate your habits, quirks, moods and everything else that makes you. Wear your Birthstone Bracelet and Birthstone Pendant with chain wherever you go, no matter what the occasion - and flaunt your unique style! #BornToBeMe.

    The Glam Edit - Calling all divas! Some occasions call for a statement. Amp up the glam factor with bold and beautiful gold jewellery pieces that reflect the limelight.

    Electrify - Mia presents the ‘Electrify’ collection – a contemporary twist to Kundan jewellery, designed to add that electric touch to your celebratory look.

    Smolitaires - Indulge in Mia’s Smolitaire Collection. Solitaire diamond rings, handcrafted to commemorate your milestone moments and priced to be wallet-friendly.

    Valentine Vibe - Say “I love you” in the most special way with Mia’s Valentine’s Collection! With Gold Jewellery pieces to complement every little thing you love about her, here’s your chance to make her feel like the most special girl in the world! Make today a surprise Valentine’s Day.

    Classics - With designs that reflect your versatility, the Classic Collection by Mia is a curation of our bestseller products. Buy jewellery online hassle free.

    Treats to Treasure - If you are looking to treat a friend with something supercool, or if you just happen to be the kind who shops till you drop, these unique 14kt solid gold jewellery pieces from the Treats collection are just the thing for you! Priced just right, this collection is perfect to treat your BFF for no occasion at all!

    Sassy Silver - Packed with sass, these signature silver jewellery pieces are standout accessories for today’s chic women. Worked with mother-of-pearl, they go with any look and occasion.

    Jewellery For Women

    From the endless skies of Morocco to the most intricate mosaic, to geometric designs there’s a Mia jewellery for every type of temperament, because not every moment is created equal. Take for instance a day of when you want to applaud the diva in you….no problem! Dress yourself in silk and a pair of 14k gold diamond hoop earrings and voilà, you’re ready to break a few hearts!

    Or maybe there’s a romance brewing. That certainly deserves a special touch, so time to bring out the diamond necklace and team them with chiffon. The overall look is dreamy and frothy, just like the way romance feels.

    Jewellery trends have a lot to do with the women they dress. Mia is without exception, a brand that has something for a range of occasions and the women who make them special. It offers office wear jewellery as well as daily wear jewellery along with statement jewellery for the special occasions.

    Jewellery For Working Women

    Dressing up right at the workplace is an art. When royalty attended court or when women warriors saddled up and went to war, there was always jewellery that complemented their style. The 21st century work space is different but is in no way less of a battlefield so dressing to emanate power and professionalism is of paramount importance. No two women are the same and the same goes for the work they do. Sometimes crisp cotton shirt and linen trousers are best embellished with a pair of 14k gold diamond stud earrings. And sometimes a simple pair of gold bracelet that add charm to ethnic wear, will do. Either way, Mia always has the right ammunition for going to battle!

    14k Jewellery

    Every Mia by Tanishq Jewellery begins life as a simple chunk of gold. Life and beauty are then breathed into it by experienced craftsmen till it becomes a beautiful piece of jewellery that can make the heart beat faster and bring a glow to the face. 14k jewellery has never been more desirable as it smiles back at you and is easy on the wallet.

    Light Weight Jewellery

    Not too ornate or heavy, that’s the Mia philosophy and that’s how life should also be, otherwise it gets complicated. Mia’s lightweight designed pieces are perfect any occasion.

    Affordable Jewellery

    At Mia, the term affordable means the kind of artistic jewellery piece that knows its wearer’s budget. So, it is young and trendy with a light-hearted zest for life without compromising on excellence. Such is the value of the Tata name which is always recognized as a trusted jewellery brand. Mia by Tanishq has a heritage of quality and craftsmanship.

    Trusted Jewellery Brand

    Trust is the basic ingredient of any jewellery brand. And Mia is high on it since it’s part of the Tata brand which has consistently scored high in the trusted jewellery brand category. So, when a customer checks out a Mia by Tanishq jewellery piece, she has already checked on the trust box in her mind and all that concerns her now is which piece she wants.

    Just Perfect For Any Season. Or Reason

    ‘Oh, diamonds are so this season’. Comments like this don’t really matter to the Mia woman who knows that she’s wearing gold jewellery that are perfect for any season. Flirty skirts, shoulder baring tops, skinny jeans, demure salwar suits, chiffons, silks, linen….Mia’s jewellery match perfectly. It is even said that the bold geometric designs or the way a nose pin is pitch perfect matched with a traditional handloom saree can start conversations. What could be a better way to say that seasons don’t matter here, but reasons certainly do!

    Mia by Tanishq is available at exclusive Mia outlets, Tanishq stores as well as online. Try them on and watch your inner princess glow and smile. Pamper that sentiment with whatever pleases you, gold and diamonds and delicate inlay work ….there’s a really wide range to choose from for the range of emotions and sentiments of the person that you are. For work and play and for those in-between times when you want to enjoy a cup of coffee or a glass of wine, just by yourself.

    Mia by Tanishq is for you and all about you.