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14 Jun 2024
Read mins: 4 Mins
by Mia 14 Jun 2024
Read: 4 Mins
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Gifts that Count: Find the Perfect Gold & Silver Gifts for Father’s Day
With Father's Day just around the corner, it is almost the perfect time to show your dad how important he is to you. From being your ‘ultimate Hero’ and role model to teaching you important life lessons as you go - Dad deserves to feel like ‘the idol’ he is in your life!
From running around the home on Sundays to playing one-on-one badminton matches with him on cosy cold Saturdays - he always had abundant hours to spare for his dear child! So, for all the times he let you win that board game match, just to see the toothy smile plastered on your face - buy him a thoughtful gift this Father's Day as a sweet ‘thank you’.
While purchasing gifts for Father's Day, you sure would want to make them count! Being a unique choice, gold and silver jewellery pieces are great contenders for the crown naming ‘the perfect gift’. From rings & chains to bracelets - the jewellery pieces hold ultimate sentimental value.
Additionally, with Mia by Tanishq’s signature minimalistic & refined style at play, you’re sure to find the ideal, subtle & classy giftable for your Hero in no time!
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Take the time you need to make sure that what you bought makes you feel like the inner you
5 Best Gift Ideas for Dad on Father’s Day
Selecting gold and silver jewellery as gifts remains a timeless move. To particularly find pieces that suit your father’s ‘cool daddy vibes’, you must check out Mia by Tanishq’s collections of simple, sophisticated and subtle jewellery. These lightweight jewellery pieces can be worn by him daily - in fact, he would never want to take them off because of how comfortable they are!
Here are our top 5 picks of unique & memorable gifts for your Dad of the Year:
Plain gold chains are timeless essentials in jewellery. Your dad will not only be super comfortable in the lightweight 'Chic Charm 22KT Gold Chain’ but also be reminded of his beloved child with every glance in the mirror.
Gold chains are the epitome of confidence and swag. So, if your father loves to experiment with classic combinations of suit sets with bows and formal wear, a gold chain would be the perfect accessory to elevate the look.
A gold chain is also the ‘it’ accessory to wear all year round, regardless of incoming & outgoing trends! Owing to its classic make, your dad is going to feel cool and put-together at the very same time.
Gold Rings
Does your dad make efforts towards grooming himself every single day? He, who is striving to be the best version of the whole family, deserves to be treated well on the day dedicated to him! The 'Warli Whirlwind 22KT Gold Finger Ring’ is the ideal accessory to make an outfit 10x more polished and intentionally stylish.
Mia by Tanishq presents several distinctive designs of gold rings, whose splendid yellow sheen stands out even in the most crowded room. Your father will not only be able to adorn the luxurious 22KT gold ring on special occasions but also style it with his daily outfits - taking them to the next level of ‘sophistication’.
The Silver Dragonfly Brooch Embellished With Open Polki is a one-of-a-kind accessory to add to an outfit. It casts a fashionable-forward spell on the look, further infusing visual appeal to the ensemble.
Your dad’s kurta and dhoti combo for the family function will immediately be taken to the ‘fancy’ category! Also, for any formal party wear, this brooch will add that extra shine to the classic formal look.
Silver Bracelets
Another jewellery item that your father can wear through the seasons and evolving trends is the silver bracelet! While silver adds an elegant touch to the get-up, dainty silver jewellery is also wearable daily.
Plus, it is the perfect choice if you're on a budget. At affordable rates, you can opt for chic silver bracelets for men they can wear every other day to work. Opt for the 925 Silver Unique Subtle Bracelet and witness it quickly become your father’s most prized possession!
Gift Cards
Finally, a gift card is a fitting present if your dad is fickle-minded when it comes to style. Let him pick out his present while you can #KahoKuchSpecial in your way! He can choose jewellery pieces on his own - something that he feels more comfortable in.
Whether Dad wants to try out a new, suave look or a simple, classic one which speaks to his old-school soul - he can use our special Mia gift card to make the purchase.
If you think the above-mentioned items align with your dad's choices, make sure to explore them in further detail on our website!
Points to Consider While Shopping for ‘The Cool Dad’
While it can be somewhat difficult to shop for your dad, it shouldn’t be an impossible task. Especially not, if you keep the following points in mind while shopping:
● Understand His Style: Once you get a grip on Dad's perspective on style, it will be much easier for you to pick out jewellery he would genuinely love wearing on repeat. For example, if he’s mostly dressing for work, opt for a subtle and sophisticated piece. On the other hand, say you're preparing to go on a family trip - you can help him jazz up his holiday looks with the incorporation of more sparkle through jewels!
● Accommodate His Lifestyle: Understand how often your dad would like to wear the jewellery pieces. Accordingly, choose lightweight jewellery for daily wear or intricately detailed ones for a chic-event look.
● Know Your Budget: If you keep a budget in mind, you can shop for the best jewellery gifts for your father in much less time. Mia by Tanishq puts you first - prioritising affordability alongside quality. So, make your choice of jewellery within your budget on our website; help your dad graduate to the ‘Icon’ level!
Final Word Before You Go Rant to Your Dad Again!
Jewellery pieces are a timeless option, especially so for men. As dads are notoriously known not to think much about themselves, the beloved children come to the rescue of their constantly sacrificing souls!
So, express your love and appreciation for him through a token of shine. Whether you buy him a gold chain or a silver brooch, it will be something he will treasure forever. The child he has raised so well has finally grown up to give him everything he deserves. Not only is this gifting moment one filled with pride, but marks a milestone in every father's life - so, make it count!
Mia by Tanishq introduces the freshest collections of jewellery for men which are sure to draw a trickling tear or two from even the strictest dad’s eyes! So, explore our catalogues to find the best gifts for Father’s Day at cost-effective prices.

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