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What's Trending: Layered Gold

When you’re looking for a feminine yet refined look, nothing does it better than layered gold. This one allows you to combine delicate strands with strong accents strategically to customize a work look that’s unique and suits your style to the T. Layer rings, bangles, and necklaces, for the opportunities it presents to fuel your creativity, is endless. But it can take some skill to perfect. Layering can easily be overdone or left looking frumpy so it’s important to keep in mind a few guidelines before going for the trend.  Oh and it’s perfect for the office, when done right!

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Layer lengths

Amongst the easiest to pull off is putting together long necklaces with short ones, balancing them out in the level of detail and thickness. Space them right so they don’t clash with each other and pair them with single coloured, buttoned or V-neck shirts for some sophistication.

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Colour correct

Add some personality by layering a monotone necklace or ring with a pop of colour but keep it to the minimum for work. One statement piece in a bold colour along with monotone accessories ought to do the trick, giving your look an added boost.

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Arm party

Wear a watch? Get your golden bracelets out, each in a different style and shape and combine them with a watch in the same tone for something unusual yet chic. When paired against a contrasting sleeve, you have something that makes a striking impression right there.

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Mix those metals and materials

Coordinate rose gold with yellow gold rings or gold rings with beads and diamonds to add dimension when you’re stacking them up. Matching them will soften the look and take your outfit to a whole new level.

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Contrast silhouettes

If you’re wearing a collared shirt, try a lariat. If you’re wearing a V-neck, opt for a collar necklace. But you want to be wary of mixing different metals or contrasting with varied details to avoid creating a look that’s out of place.