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Types of Girls in Every Bridal Crew

Every girl gang has a rainbow of different personalities. Obviously, life wouldn’t be half as colourful if everyone was a photocopy of the other. And when one of them is getting married, the rest of the gang ends up lending their own unique flavour to every moment leading up to the D-day. Thankfully, this ensures that it never gets boring. Especially when you have one or all of these in your bridal crew:

The Perfectionist

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She organises everything, to the tiniest detail. Sometimes it gets a little out of hand - like when she wants to arrange the bride’s closet, alphabetically and according to colour. The best part is that she enjoys doing it! And honestly, though everyone loves her, that’s a bit scary.

The Enthu Cutlet

About mia

Know a friend who squeals and gushes over everything you do - including that cute yet annoying pimple on your nose? Yes, this is that over-excited friend who’ll be so enthusiastic about her bestie’s wedding, that strangers will start getting confused if she’s the bride!

The Softy

About mia

Overtly compassionate and everyone’s shoulder to cry on, this girl has the biggest heart in the gang. She gives importance to the bride’s silliest rants, even at 3 a.m. in the morning. So it won’t be a surprise if she ends up crying even more than the bride at the end of the wedding!

The #Diva

About mia

She’s the fashionista of the group, always #trending on every social network with more than one first world problem. And even though she means well, her fashion police sixth sense spares none, including the bride. Watch out, fashionzilla trumps bridezilla when this one’s around!

The Chill-wali

About mia

Calm and relaxed in even the most stressful situations, this possible yoga-addict is the best support system an anxious bride could ask for! She’ll be the one making sure that the bride or groom doesn’t run away because of cold feet, just by being her positive, chilled-out self.

The Jugaad Queen

About mia

From arranging last minute blouse emergency solutions, to impromptu secret meetings with the groom on the night before the wedding. She’s the loyal hustler who’s all about talking less and doing more - making her the bride’s Wonder Woman.