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Treat to Myself - 5 Experiences to Treat Yourself To

Well sometimes, you should just dial it back a notch and embark on a journey of blissful experiences.  Not because you feel overworked or need a break, but just because you deserve some off days and some me-time! And indulging in your senses refuels you and does more for your mind and body than you can imagine – and helps make your professional life better too!  So go on, extend yourself some self-compassion, unplug, and go on an unbridled escapade. Whether you want indulge in something for a couple of hours or a few days, here is a list of 5 experiences you should definitely treat yourself to!

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Discover the world all by yourself

There is nothing better than exclusive time with yourself. Treat yourself to an adventure off the beaten path - a solo trip. It can be incredibly exciting and liberating and lets you be your own boss! Whether it is something as simple as a walk by yourself along forest trails or bungee jumping, this will be an experience of a lifetime, one that you’ll never forget.

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Learn some new skills

Take classes in calligraphy, baking, swimming, ceramic design, winemaking, horseback riding – or whatever floats your boat! The options are practically endless and will help you learn things you never knew about yourself, apart from tapping into your right brain and stimulate creative thought.

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Catch a show

Nope. Not a movie. Something that will let you soak in the feels and immerse in the performance. Watch a story play out at a theatre. Tune into an orchestra. Experience storytelling at a poetry slam. Engaging in electrifying experiences from being extremely fulfilling and give you new perspectives.

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Be kind and unwind

They say helping others can truly be a rewarding experience. Giving back is said to have positive effects on your mind and body and spurs a feel-good emotion that can lead to overall wellbeing. Spend a day at a hospice or an animal shelter, or an old age home or simply identify a cause you relate to and invest some time in it and you’ll feel better in no time.

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Destress at a spa

Work can get noxious and hectic and after a long tryst with meetings and paperwork, nothing sounds more relaxing than holistic therapeutic treatments that ease your anxieties and aches. So you go back to work with a fresh mind and take on your projects like a pro!

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Go on a shopping spree

The list of treats is not complete without meandering through malls and buying a little something for yourself. Indulge in some self-love! And what’s better than a diamond for something truly special?