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We know you try, but being perfect every single day- that’s one of the most exhausting things out there. And let’s face it, on most days- you just can’t get yourself to be that bright and shiny. But that’s okay, because as long as you got yourself covered on the basics- no one’s judging. People are judging, however, when you skip the basics. To make your life a little easier, we decided to list down the basics; so that on days you can barely put on your mascara- you can simply scroll through this list and know if you’re good to go.

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Check 1: The skin-care ritual.

Whether it’s the first thing you do every morning, or your bedtime ritual- make sure you check off on your skin care every single day (especially the bad ones). While it’s recommended that you be absolutely regimental with your cleansing, toning and moisturising routine, we feel that equal importance must be given to the products you use. Choose mild products so that your skin is not adversely affected in the long run.

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Check 2: The hairy situations look out

Your mane, as you surely know, defines you. And we know, everyday can’t be a good hair day. But just ensure that most days are ‘okay’ hair days, at the very least. Know your hair, and keep disaster management techniques handy. Don’t be shy of product and if you already haven’t, be open to experimenting with different kind of hair products till you find what works for you. Find that perfect mousse that will tousle your limp tresses or fight the fizz in your curls, leaving them looking darling.

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Check 3: The brow game.

Nothing defines your face like your eyebrows. You don’t need to go to extremes, of course, but make sure they stay in line. It gives your face structure and adds character to your expressions. Pop into your nearest salon and find out what specific needs your brows have- be it an eyebrow pencil or a pair of industrial tweezers, and make sure you keep supplies handy.

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Check 4: The tooth and nail

Your smile and your hands do most of the talking for you. So your shining in any situation depends on whether they shine. So while dentist are super scary, pay them a visit every once in a while. And as for the nail- remember your manicurist truly loves you- so takes some time out for her. Amidst all of this, ensure both of these are thoroughly covered in your daily hygiene rituals- because even the smallest slip shows.

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Check 5: The olfactory factor

You’re not smelly, we’re sure, but this goes way deeper. There are so many factors you should be considering when it comes to your scent. First, stay hydrated. Products aside, it’s the easiest way to avoid odour. Next, make sure you find the perfect scent for you- take time to get it just right. Don’t just go by whether you like the scent of flowers over the scent of musk- ensure you take the time to know what goes better with your body (and lasts longer, of course)

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Check 6: The extra sparkle

Who doesn’t need a little embellishment? As long as you have some jewellery on, you never look like you’ve just crawled out of bed (even if you actually just have). Whether it’s a pair of studs you never take off, an elegant ring that never touches the bedside, or a chain that hangs just right- make sure you are never caught without your sparkle.