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The 2017 Jewellery Trends You Need to Know

They come, they go but not before they make their mark. Between older jewellery styles rocking an update and newer pieces that have recently seen the light of the day, here are the top 6 trends that are on fire. They draw inspiration from architectural lines, innovative play of materials, and geometric shapes. Now pairing these jewellery the right way rests in the little details of your outfit. Read on for these highlights for a look that is definitively you.

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The chokers are having their spotlight moment and they are here to stay. Go full circle with the right kind of sparkle at work with minimalistic chokers. These refreshing alternatives to necklaces, are demure, super thin, and perfect for when you’re wearing something that’s collar bone free. They are undeniably versatile, going with everything from a flowy dress to a structured blazer, accentuating your neck like nothing else. Style wise, you can layer or wear it all by itself.

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Lobe Cuff Earrings

For the young professional who wants to add an undeniable edge to her outfit, these cuff earrings accentuate the lobe for a look that feels very now. These earrings have evolved in increasingly creative ways and become a style stalwart, elongated and minimalized. They are a softer version of the rebel ear cuffs, gracing the lobe with unexpected elegance, so you can take these to work without a worry. Style them with a floral dress or a sweater top contrasting it with pulled back hair.

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Loopy Drops

Channel your uptown chic with these sleek loopy drop earrings that blur the lines between hoops and tapered lines for stand-out pieces. Stunningly simple, they go with pretty much anything. Pair with a white button-down for a look that defines ultimate sophistication.

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Infinity Pendants

The infinity pendants have resurfaced and we dig how it plays up elegant styles with a hint of quirk. Go full on fusion with current and classic and wear the infinity pendant over an asymmetrical top.

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Bar Pendants

Cool and collected, the bar pendants have been around forever, dipping in and out of the scene. Small but mighty these lend a slim yet chunky look. When you wear them over turtle necks and high-waisted pants, you have an otherwise formal outfit with a touch of luxe. It makes for a clever layering piece with chains and pendants.

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Claw Open Finger Rings

First there was the open finger ring and then there was the claw open finger ring. An edgier alternative with a soft silhouette, this hybrid certainly makes for fascinating addition to your office look. The key to rocking this ring is keeping it statement and single and pairing it with long sleeved outfits for a look that is oh-so-elegant.