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Suit up Style: Jewellery to wear with the suit

Suits sit differently with the wide-ranging cuts, colours, and prints they come in. Each has its purpose and each suit is accessorized differently. Accessorizing can make or break the whole look. While it’s easy to play it safe with minimal accessories, fine jewellery can elevate the ensemble to a whole new level.  Whether you’re looking to dress up or dress down, it takes some know-how to pair jewellery with suits. So we present to you a fail-proof guide to styling the suit right.

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The Simply Formal Suit

Monochrome and structured. A timeless option for strictly formal events, this suit is best accessorized with a pair of studs and a ring. While simple and straightforward, these formal pieces don’t have to be boring. A hint of rose gold or a combination of diamonds and pearls will take the whole look up a notch. Alternatively, you can also look at shapes that aren’t usual. Ear climbers for instance, can add that required amount of sleekness without being overpowering.

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The Easy-peasy Color Block Suit

Decidedly casual, this one requires wearing color strategically. The idea is to keep the colors as less contrasting as possible for maximum elegance. The jewellery can act as the bridging factor that unpretentiously pulls the whole look together. Pared-down jewellery such as plain yellow gold or white gold with a complementing colored stone gives an effortless refinement to color block suits. Think lariat chains and a bangle for this one.

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The Edgy Pinstriped Suit

Keep the patterns and shapes that are incoherent with the stripes out of this look. Classic details in a subtle palette will ensure that the pinstriped suit makes for easy dressing. Bracelets and simple pendants add a unique élan to this one.