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Pamper your Hen Party Squad with Mia

Surprise your bridesmaids with the stunning hen party favors

D-Day is almost here! And before you plunge into last minute changes and hectic trials at the salon, there is that one evening you have left to enjoy totally – it’s the Hen Party with nobody but your besties.

They’re keeping the hen party details under wraps so they can give you a nice (or naughty!) surprise. But just to show them how much you love them, choose a little piece of jewellery for each of them – and surprise them back.

Every gang is made up of different personalities, so choose your jewellery for each friend separately.

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For the working girl: You have that one go-getter MBA pal. Who’s decided she’s going to speed her way up the corporate ladder. Choose from various pieces that are quiet, that she can easily wear to a presentation, or to dinner with her clients, after work.

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For the forever one: Show some love to your soul sister, your twin. The one who’s promised to be by your side, from cradle to grave. She’s the godmother to your unborn child and deserves special infinity pendants as a mark of forever friendship.

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For the flower lover: Pick something with colour for this soft-hearted chick. She’s the one that everyone wants to baby. And she is always the one you turn to for some TLC.

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For the minimalist: For the one who likes no fuss and no extra frills, choose understated, clean lines and crafted pieces.

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For the party animal:This is the extrovert of the gang who loves trying out new restaurants and hip places. Pick something smart and emphatic for her, so she can flaunt your gift at that launch party this week.

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For the classic one: She’s contemporary but is at home in smart churidars and saris. And she pairs them with smart, Indian accented pieces. Choose an accessory that goes with her Indian style.

Pack each of these gifts in creative ways. And don’t forget to add a personal note telling each of them how much you value them.

And chances are, no matter how far away you go from them, they will always value these for ever.