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Makeover Tips for Working Women

While at work, there is a basic checklist that needs to be ticked-off: skill, smartness, confidence and a professional attitude complete with an image to go with that. Looking your best at work is an essential part of creating a lasting impression and maintaining a level of professionalism. But you don’t have to dramatically alter your look or max out your card to reinvent it. Here are some tips ranging from instant to elaborate that will streamline your office look!

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Update your jewellery

A little change can go a long way in enhancing your appearance and there is nothing like jewellery that will lift your look! Big or small, heavy or understated, they serve well to give your style a personality. Earrings, for instance, can frame your face better. Whether they are simple studs or dainty danglers, they are sure to transform your look. Bracelets, under a rolled up shirt sleeve or a short sleeve, or rings on fingers add an interest to your hands with some feminine flair.

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Switch up your hairstyle

Simply flipping your hair to the other side than usual adds tons of volume at the base and gives a whole different frame to your face. If you have more time on your hands, go poker straight, curl it or just tie it up a different way and you’ll have something new every single day. And what can be better than a new hairstyle altogether?

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Make peace with your closet

If worn-out clothes and outdated styles such as flared formals are part of your closet, you are the perfect candidate for a makeover. The key to constructing the perfect professional wardrobe is to source the right mix of essentials and signature pieces that pack in your personality without overplaying.

A pinstriped oxford shirt; a pencil skirt; nude pumps; a formal black dress; a fitted jacket; and a silk blouse – smart essentials that will build a flawless workwear wardrobe.

A patterned jacket; a bold blouse; a statement belt; billowy trousers; and a printed dress make for stunners that will tie in well with your essentials.

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Get your makeup on point

There is simply nothing as flattering as well-done make up – one that doesn’t overpower or distract, and yet highlights your best features. For an office-appropriate look, stick to fuss-free make-up with colors that are closer to your skin tone. An illuminating tinted moisturizer, a clean liner, and a nude shade of lip and voila – you have an unfettered, polished appearance.