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Make-Up Secrets for a Flawless Wedding

Between worrying about the bride’s anxious rants, to running around making sure that the Sangeet rehearsals are going well, there’s hardly any space to think about makeup when you’re running against time. So here are a few, super-helpful makeup tips and tricks to tide you through the wedding madness!

Always use primer to make your look last.

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Using primer before foundation allows it to glide on smoother and last longer. Also, prime your eyes with white eyeliner or shadow to enhance colours and make the liner stand out. Perfection en pointe!

Use loose powder as an alternative to false lashes.

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Give your lashes a dramatic curl with just a bit of powder and mascara! Brush on a coat of mascara. Dab some baby powder or any loose powder on your lashes using a Q-tip. Finish by applying a fresh coat of mascara. Hello peepers!

Dramatic lips without the drama

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If you want to fake bee-stung lips, apply a light-coloured lip pencil to the center of your lips after you apply lipstick. Dusting your lips with some translucent powder is an easy way to ensure that lipstick stays put throughout the day!

Rock that smoky-eye effect in any colour

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Create a perfect set of smoky eyes by drawing a hashtag on the outer corner of your eyelid. If you want make it a little extra-smudgy but have a regular kajal pencil, heat it for a few seconds before smudging it out to get a darker, smokier look.