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7 Health Tips for a Work-Life Balance

The 9-5 commitment can leave very little time in your schedule and strip off every ounce of energy, leading to health being inevitably kicked off the priority list in the process. However, leading a healthy lifestyle is the mainstay for a well-balanced work-life and small tweaks can go a long way in helping you nourish better performance at work.

We are sure you’ve heard all the advice about staying hydrated, increasing your intake of fruits and veggies, keeping off fats, but there is a lot more to it than just that when it comes to working women in specific. Here are seven tips for you to internalize and get that equilibrium of a healthy body and sound mind up and going!

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1. Give it a stretch

Wake up your nerves and work those muscles while you’re at work. Simply stretch on your seat or get off and move around every once in a while to ward off health risks and amp up productivity!

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2. Snack strategically

Nibbling between meals is our go-to solution when hunger pangs strike at work, and that’s a healthy habit but comes with a condition – It depends on what you eat and when you eat. Planning snack times such that they prevent extreme fluctuation of sugars and nutrients can make all the difference. Eat nutrient-rich food such as dark chocolate, fruits, nuts, salads, and Greek yogurt regularly at small

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3. Cater to your napping needs

And in full. Power naps with a proper beauty sleep have a restorative power that can take your perceptual skills, productivity, and performance to a whole new level at work.

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4. Get a good laugh

If all else fails, carve out time to get a good laugh. It can do much more for your stress, creativity, and productivity than you can imagine.

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5. Give those added sugars a slip

Be mindful of the added sugars you consume. The idea is to minimize and not completely get rid of added sugars and your sugar cravings are gone in no time. Avoid anything that has the word “syrup” or ends with “-ose”.

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6. Decode the nutrition labels

Don’t get blinded by the claims on the front of food packaging. Flip over to the nutrition facts and take a thorough look at the ingredient list. A good benchmark for identifying the ideal levels is that an excess of 20% for any nutrient is largely considered as high.

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7. Indulge in some downtime

Sustaining productivity at work can be difficult when stress levels soar. Thus, recharging your batteries is essential. Simply find a quiet corner, close your eyes focus on decelerating your breathing. And if you’re pressed for time, do it during your commute or take a quick 5 minutes out post work.