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Gifting Ideas for Your Soul Sisters

Your best friend is getting hitched. Right now, she’s going a little crazy with the final rounds of make-up trials, outfit fittings, menu tastings and bridal rehearsals.

That little girl who you first saw with ink-stained fingers on your bench, has now transformed into a glowing beauty. Through the years you’ve shared class notes, first crushes, basketball matches and bunking plans –creating more precious memories than even Facebook can count.

Obviously you want to gift this special lady and her Prince Charming something truly special on their big day.

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- If she’s house proud, and she will be setting up a new home, something distinctive for her drawing room is always perfect. Depending on your budget, choose a rug, cushions or a painting that she can display - and remember you, no matter how far away you are going to be away from her.

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- If she’s into experiences, a hot air balloon ride, a bungy jump or even a spa date with her new beloved makes for an ideal wedding gift. While this experience lasts an hour at the most, it makes for lasting memories.

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- A small piece of jewellery is something she can always wear while carrying a bit of you with her, wherever she goes. If she is moving abroad, jewellery makes an ideal gift – it’s easy to pack, and she can wear it either to an interview or to a special dinner date – perfectly complementing her newly married glow.

- Add a personalised gift to this piece of jewellery, and you have a winner. Select a few old pics, get messages from all her friends, add memorabilia like old cards that she has gifted you - and bind them all together in one book. She’ll always have this as pride of place on her bookshelf

As the years pass by, this becomes something she can share with her own daughter. Much like a piece of jewellery.