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Face Framing with Earrings

You pick your outfits basis your body type. But your jewellery? The angles and dimensions define your face and each piece of jewellery sits differently. So it’s important to focus on the structure before you pick earrings considering it’s in the direct line of vision and can culminate in striking first impressions. Then again, nothing is written in stone, so if you like a pair and think that it suits you, by all means go for it! Meanwhile, here is a guide for the uninitiated.

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If circular is the best way to describe your face, linear would be the way to go. Long, thin lines add a degree of slimness that can serve well in elongating your face. Anything that has hoops or globular elements can overwhelm, so it’s best to avoid them.

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Square faces have an angularity about them that is strong. Soft shapes are flattering on a face of this type. Ovals and hoops can add a feminine touch to the jawline. However, squares and rectangles add to the edges and can take away from the personality instead of complimenting.

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Among the more versatile face shapes that can effortlessly carry just about any pair of earrings, is the oval. However, drops and studs draw interest to the cheekbones accentuating the angles in the most flattering way.

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When the face is wider at the top and narrower at the bottom, it qualifies for earrings with shapes that branch out towards the end and taper in the beginning. It helps offset the triangular nature and highlights just the right features.

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Classic studs or earrings in curvy details can add a sense of fullness to oblong and rectangular faces. Drops and long, tapering earrings are not so suited and can be avoided.

The overarching theme is to wear a pair that goes against the shape of your face for a counterbalance. So go on, pick out the most flattering pair of earrings at!