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Desk Breakfast Ideas

You go to bed every night with a resolve to wake up early and cook a wholesome breakfast. But the morning rush and the million things that you have to do just never end. #HealthGoals? Thrown out the window. Most of us pick up whatever we find and chug it down our throats or eat it on the go. But let’s slow down here, shall we? Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and we know it’s been hammered in plenty times. Since we have got the reasoning out of the way, here are some desk breakfast ideas that barely require a recipe or time. You can make them the night before or the next morning and take them to your desk for a non-messy breakfast. And you won’t need a culinary degree to make these, we promise.

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Mini Frittatas

Instead of the regular omelette, these eggs in a cup will certainly make your mornings brighter. Look to your leftover veggies for this one or simply chop up some bell peppers and beans and throw in some corn in a mixture of 1/4th cup skimmed milk and 4 eggs (whites and yolk included), along with some salt and pepper. Pour them out onto a muffin tray or some cups, microwave or bake them and there you have yourself a nice breakfast meal.

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Flavored instant oatmeal

You can easily batch make these. Combine oats, a pinch of salt, the desired amount of sugar/honey and any flavour that you like - cocoa, strawberry syrup, espresso powder, or the likes. Seal it up, stash it away and just add boiling water to it once you’re ready to eat. Top it with fruits, almonds and raisins for an added boost of nutrients.

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Smoothie blends

Here’s a chance to down your daily portions of veggies and fruits and give your vitamin, mineral, fibre, and antioxidant levels a boost. Give them a whirl with yogurt for a whole lot of energy and fun. Here are some combinations that work, take your pick: Kiwi + spinach; avocado + pineapple + banana; green tea + blueberry + banana; strawberries + blueberries + lemon + honey!

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Chia pudding

Load up on fiber, omega-3s, and protein with a pot of chia pudding. Blend water, a mix of nuts, a pinch of salt and cardamom, and some milk. Mix the puree with chia seeds and refrigerate overnight. Garnish with dried fruit or fruit and settle down at your desk with a pot of healthy goodness!

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Oblong/Breakfast burritos

Stock up on some whole wheat tortillas for this one. Amongst the most versatile breakfast meals, it constitutes a base with a combination of black beans, salsa sauce and sautéed veggies. Here are some that go well with the mixture: sweet potato, avocado, spinach, lettuce, and mushrooms. You can also add eggs to it and there you have a filling meal.