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Decoding Travel Essentials - Ways to Look Best En Tour

Planning to step away from your routine? Be it for work or to unwind - if travel plans are plotted on your calendar, take a pause to relook at your fashion-itinerary well in time. To save you from missing out on any essentials, here’s a mini list to accentuate your look on tour.

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Travel smart

It’s not always about the destination you’re headed to, your journey deserves a little more attention too. En route to your next trip, match your traveller’s mood with a chic accessory that goes along. Pair a minimal pendant of yellow and white gold with your denim wear. Complete this ensemble with classy leather boots and a smart looking watch that goes with them.
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The All-day favourite

Be it a full day on wheels or a day spent idling under one roof, keep your mood uplifted with what you wear! A pair of dangling gold earrings or a stunning bracelet adorning your wrist can work wonders in keeping your ‘feel-good factor’ alive. Ace up this look with a slit skirt to keep it stylish but comfy.
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Statement Evenings

If you’ve got a special evening on your itinerary, you ought to focus your attention on the best of your outfits. It’s best to go with a dreamy dress in the most gorgeous colours like marsala, marina or mauve. Accessorize with an elegant gold and diamond pendant to add radiance to your soiree.