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Amongst the greatest mysteries of the world, somewhere between the meaning of our existence and the exact location of the Bermuda Triangle, there is business casual. No one ever knows exactly what it is, and usually, you feel like you’re going to ace it or get it very very wrong.  However, we let the panic subside, calmed ourselves down, and there it was- the middle ground. So, the next time the e-vite reads business casual- take a deep breath, and consider these factors:

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1. 'Tis The Season

The weather should be the first thing you look at. The weather gives good color cues for the material of jewellery you should be wearing. If it’s in the middle of the summer, bring out the bright and wear colour stone jewellery or some colored enamel. Winters call for more chic materials such as rose gold and diamonds.

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2. The right time and the right place

Pay close attention to your invite. The time of day and the location of your event pretty much dictate your attire. As you well know, a day dress and a night dress are vastly different- as are the jewellery you would wear with them. Statement jewellery brings out the spark at business events scheduled for late evenings. Wear a chunky ring or a heavy chain with a clean outfit for those business dinners. For a day event, stick to light-toned bracelets, chains, and earrings.

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3. Take care of business

Remember, no matter how casual the occasion, the dress code still has the word business in it- so always ensure you don’t go over-the-top. Making the business element an iconic accessory such a single string chain with an iconic pendant can also make for a memorable statement.