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3 Coping Mechanisms For Tough Days In Office

No matter how much you love your job and enjoy the challenge, there will be days when the pressure gets to you and you're going to want to yell the roof down or throw a hissy fit to blow off steam. How you handle yourself in that moment is what establishes your reputation as a dependable worker. Here are three things to help you when work and your colleagues are dancing on your absolute last nerve.

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Focus on another task

When you and your team meet a dead-end on a task or can't reach a consensus, chances are, the frustration will lead to in-fighting and resentful squabbles. Before you reach boiling point, take a break, regroup and get back to the task once you and your peers have calmed down. Divert your mind by taking on a slightly less-challenging task. Being successful at something else will give your tired morale a boost and give your brain the time to analyze things in the background and come up with an inspired solution. If nothing else, you will have prevented a situation where people say things they're likely to regret.

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Seek support

A big part of being a good and effective future leader is to recognize your limitations and ask for help when you know you need it. You might be inclined to power on with a task you're failing at to prove a point, but it's likely to waste a lot of man hours and energy, neither of which is going to endear you to your boss. Learn from an experienced colleague than indulge your ego.

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Focus on the positives

When you're faced with a complex task that involves many small components, it tends to get stressful when things get stuck because of a couple of cogs in the wheel. When frustration starts building, draw on your inner zen and focus on what you and your team has managed to achieve, instead of obsessing over what you haven't managed to crack yet. It's easy to adopt a doom and gloom attitude when you hit roadblocks, thinking about the positives will motivate you to find innovative solutions.