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5 Ways To Be More Efficient At Work

You've probably heard the aphorism, 'well begun is half done'. While it is important to start on a high note, it is equally important to keep the momentum going and not run out of steam mid-way through a difficult task. When you feel like you're faced with a particularly trying challenge that threatens to overwhelm you, here are five things you can do to power through while staying efficient and continuing to be productive. Believe me, your seniors are watching. Even when you think no one's noticing, somewhere, someone that matters, always is.

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Make physical notes

Always write down stuff, it will help you remember and take care of the little details that you're likely to otherwise forget or overlook. With the number of tasks each one of us involved in at any point in time, it is impossible to remember everything on the go no matter how great your memory is. Keep a checklist, write on your wrist, jot it down on the iPad or use sticky notes, but make sure you keep copious notes. Details are what separate a 'good enough' job to one that can put you on the fast-track for a promotion.

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Stay hydrated

Your cognitive function literally slows down progressively as your body inches towards dehydration. Keep sipping water every half hour or so. Don't wait to feel thirsty, because most studies have proven that by the time you feel the thirst, you're already dehydrated.

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Don't eat at your desk

Most of us are guilty of this. Apart from the fact that it makes your desk messy and the smell of food lingers long after you're done, it affects your efficiency because your brain thinks of the desk as a multi-purpose place instead of the space where it has to function at its sharpest. Give your brain very clear instructions so that it functions at optimum efficiency levels - no food and no post-lunch laziness for the desk.

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Prioritise and stick to the plan

It is always best to tackle the most difficult and important tasks in the first half of the day while you're fresh, well-rested and on a full stomach. You'll get a lot more done and can then afford to take it a bit easier as the day progresses and your energy starts to wane. Make a list of all that you need to do in a day, from most important to least important and then stick to the list.

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Give your muscles a break

Every couple of hours, take a 10 or 15-minute break to give your eyes a rest from the constant screen-time and stretch your muscles a little. Take a walk around the office, go stand in the balcony for some fresh air, do some neck exercises and stretches to relax your body and shake it out of the rigidity of the office chair.

And do remember us, when you nail that promotion you were gunning for!