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Why is Dhanatrayodashi the Most Auspicious Time to Buy Gold? Know Here

It’s that time of the year again. The festivities are just around the corner, and with it, the whole country is prepping up for the much-awaited season. While the streets are being adorned by lights, and confectionaries are witnessing a huge demand for sweets, jewellery shops are not behind either, especially when we are talking about the booming demand for gold.

After all, Dhanatrayodashi is the most auspicious time to buy gold. We have seen our families waiting all year long to buy gold jewellery. Consequently, the long queues and heavy rush don’t seem so surprising.

However, in between watching the rush and buying gold, have you wondered why Dhanatrayodashi happens to be the most auspicious time to buy gold? We’ll tell you all about it. So, sit back and read along.


What is Dhanatrayodashi?

Dhanatrayodashi, also known as Dhanteras, is a festival celebrated in India. The word marks its origin from the word “Dhan”, which means wealth. The day falls on the 13th lunar day of Krishna Paksha every year, i.e., 1-2 days before Diwali.


The Legend Behind Dhanatrayodashi

Indian festivities have always had cultural and traditional relevance. Dhanatrayodashi too, has been born from a historical legend.

It is believed that a great king once was prophesized to die 4 days after his wedding. On the fourth day, Yamraja descended on Earth in the disguise of a snake; his wife decided to trick the snake with the help of gold ornaments. She kept all her jewellery in front of the snake. Consequently, the snake was so mesmerized by the dazzle of the jewellery that he spared the life of the king.

It is one of the most popular stories associated with Dhanatrayodashi. However, there are many more that find their place in Indian traditions.

Dhanteras festival celebration is marked by the purchase of gold and utensils on an auspicious day. Gold ornaments and gold coins experience huge sales as they are a symbol of abundance, prosperity and luck in Indian tradition and culture. Some traditions also perceive Goddess Lakshmi as the Goddess of wealth.


The Best Gold Purchases You Can Make this Dhanatrayodashi

Now that you know why Indian households purchase gold on the auspicious day of Dhanteras festival, it’s time we recommend you some of the best gold ornaments you can buy to add grace to the occasion, as well as your festive outfits.


1. 18 Kt Yellow Gold Stylish Ring


Minimal jewellery is in trend, and concerning its popularity, we can safely say it will never go out of style. Let this elegant gold ring wrap itself around your fingers to add sparkle to your day. It’s perfect for everyday wear – whether a casual lunch date or a day at work.


2. 18kt Nature Inspired Drop Earrings


This pair of drop earrings will definitely take your breath away. Inspired by the enriching beauty of the vines and leaves, these graceful drop earrings are crafted in 14k yellow gold with diamond studded at the tips. This pair would be a sure-shot glamourous addition to your jewellery collection.


3. 14 Kt Rose Gold Geometric Diamond Neckwear


This elegant neckpiece is a definite sight for sore eyes. Featuring a geometric double rhombus designed intricately with admirable diamonds, the piece will surely add sparkle to your neckline as well as your festive outfit. With the diamond clarity of I2, you are only investing in the best.


4. 5gm Lotus Gold Coin


If not gold jewellery, how about gold coins? Gold coins are as auspicious as gold jewellery. Not to forget, gold coins are an important part of Indian festivities. Make your festivities prosperous with this gold coin.


Final Thoughts

Our catalogue doesn’t end here. Feel free to explore an everlasting range of gold jewellery on our website. Make this Dhanteras special and even more sparkling with gold.