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Why Dainty Pendants Are the Talk of The Town

Gone are the days when fashion magazines were the trendsetters. Now, you can open Instagram and know what’s trending in the fashion world. We did the same and found that dainty pendants are stealing the limelight. From influencers to youngsters, everyone wants to own pendants that go well with their outfits and are suitable for the occasion.

But what is the reason behind all this popularity? Let’s figure it out in this blog. We have also shared some of our best picks in case you want an extensive range of pendants. Read till the end to find out!

What are Dainty Pendants?

Before we find the why, it’s good to know the what; dainty pendants are those jewellery pieces that do not have bold colours, large designs, or beads. The pendant may be a diamond or a pearl.

These are often called minimalist jewellery since there is no over-the-board design. That being said, dainty pendants can be as powerful as a statement necklace if appropriately styled, as they are unique in their own way!

Why are They So Popular?

There are plenty of reasons to fall in love with dainty pendants. We found the best ones below:

Easy to Carry: Since dainty pendants are small and delicate, they are easy to carry. Just pair the right one with your outfit and dazzle wherever you go! Since they are simple and lightweight, you don’t have to worry about rashes or discomfort that often come with bold and heavy jewellery pieces.

• Easy To Style: Pairing a heavy pendant might be a task, but when it comes to a dainty pendant, you can wear it with anything.

A diamond pendant will perfectly complement any dress, be it your everyday t-shirt and jeans or a cocktail dress for an evening party. You are good to go by pairing it with matching earrings or a bracelet.

• Versatile: Dainty pendants have simple designs, but that does not mean they are not versatile. You can find a massive collection of delicate pendants – each with its style and design. For instance, you can select a pendant based on metals like rose gold or silver or experiment with stones. You can also select an engraved rose gold pendant with a message you wish to carry daily. Sounds romantic, doesn’t it?

• Delicate Yet Remarkable: You will be surprised at what a big difference these little jewellery pieces can make when you try them on. No doubt that dainty pendants are delicate, but that doesn’t mean they don’t look bewitching. When styled correctly, they can instantly add much-needed glamour to your whole attire.

Our Best Picks

Now that you know why dainty pendants are getting popular, it’s time to buy one for your collection. Below, we have revealed the best dainty pendants from our exclusive collection at Mia by Tanishq. Take a look!

• 14kt Yellow Gold Winged Heart Pendant

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Is there anything more graceful than a pearl hanging from a string of diamonds? Absolutely not! The added colour of yellow gold brings together the whole look to make it the best dainty pendant necklace ever.

• Mia Exquisite Swiss Blue Topaz 14kt Yellow Gold Pisces Birthstone Pendant

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This stunning birthstone necklace mesmerizes the wearer and the beholder. We have an exclusive collection of such dainty pendants so that you can pick one that suits your birthday. Check the collection.

• 14kt White Gold Pendant with Diamonds

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Dazzle everyone with this stunning diamond pendant. You can also stack it with other chains and get a boho-chic look.

• Letter Perfect 'E' Gold Pendant

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When in doubt, go for lettered pendants. These are pretty, dainty, and customized to match your personality.

• 14 Kt Yellow Gold Rectangular Diamond Pendant

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Subtle yet sparkling, this diamond-studded pendant is what you need to make a style statement. Pair it with any dress and show your classy side to the world.

Loved the collection? We have more! From diamond pendant to rose gold pendant, you can browse through hundreds of unique and attractive pendant designs at Mia by Tanishq. Our pendants are curated carefully for the women of today. Explore our website to find which one suits you the best!