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Wear Mangalsutra In Style: X Mangalsutra Designs That You Need To Try Out
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Wear Mangalsutra In Style: X Mangalsutra Designs That You Need To Try Out

A Mangalsutra has great significance for married couples. It is one of the oldest traditions during the pious ceremony of marriage where the groom ties a gold chain with black beads around his wife's neck amongst the Hindus. It is believed that the Mangalsutra not only protects the marriage but also symbolises a promise between the two. The promise of love and loyalty Mangalsutra is, till date, one of the most important accessories for Indian women. But the thing with traditional Mangalsutras is that they are heavy and designed for the women who mainly stay at home without having to travel and work from the office.

Thus, to match the needs of today's modern women who constantly strike a balance between the multiple roles that they play while ensuring that all their outfits are top-notch and flawless, there is a whole new range of designer, chic and minimalistic Mangalsutras available on our website. So, if you are looking to revamp your western wardrobe while adhering to your traditions and culture, we have something that can make your styling dreams come true!

Wear Mangalsutra In Style: X Mangalsutra Designs That You Need To Try Out

Not only have the Mangalsutra designs evolved, but also today, there are many versions of it available in the market, such as a Mangalsutra bracelet. To help you get a clearer picture, here are a few trendy mangalsutra styles that you might want to try this season:

The Eternally Elegant


Is your wedding anniversary approaching? Don't know what to gift her? Well, then we have got an idea for you!

Check out this exclusive Mangalsutra Bracelet from our Sutra collection that is sure to win her heart and make your forever bond even stronger. So, go ahead and shop for this beautiful bracelet that celebrates your marriage in the most phenomenal manner and with lots of love today.

The Tread Of Love


Dress in the most elegant beautiful manner and radiate your charm wherever you go. This elite gold and diamond Magalsutra is one of our personal favourites why because you can add this elegant designer Mangalsutra to your everyday outfit and at the same time simply style it with a distinctive saree to slay all your traditional party looks effortlessly!

One of a kind, this Mangalsutra is for the ladies who love to keep it classy and comfy at the same time.

The Forever Diamonds


The best way to wear your forever promise is through this designer gold Mangalsutra that has an exquisite finish and makes you stand out from the rest without even trying. A must-have for married women, this posh Mangalsutra is designed for notching up your aesthetics in the most sophisticated and stylish way!

Keep It Classy!

Celebrate the love in your marriage with our Sutra collection that has more such uber-stylish Mangalsutra designs that might be your next favourite accessory. You can go for a chic Mangalsutra bracelet to break the stereotypes and shine in your own unique way with our enigmatic gold and diamond accessories crafted, keeping in mind the style and preferences of modern women!