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Ways to Climb the Next Rung on the Success Ladder This Year
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Ways to Climb the Next Rung on the Success Ladder This Year

It’s a new year and most of us have a “new you” plan. You probably are where you wanted to be and you have earned it. Now you’re ready to start moving toward the next step up. While initiating the idea of a promotion, by showing that you are interested in knowing how to get there might seem like a good bet, there is a higher possibility you might just end up pissing off your manager if he is not on the same page as you. Promotions don’t happen while you’re going about doing the job you are expected to do. It’s about going above and beyond and proactivity is key here. So here are a couple of steps you should consider if you think it’s about time you take a step forward in your career.

Kick it up a notch

First things first. Be the best at what you’re doing, because if you want a breakthrough to the next level, this is where you start. Doing a satisfactory job might let you hold ground at work but won’t give you a better-than-average chance at a promotion.

Network. Network. Network.

Hard work certainly pays off. But what’s the point when no one knows you well enough to know that you deserve a promotion? Building power relationships at work open a lot of doors and greatly increase your odds of getting promoted because people who like you and trust you will come first to mind over those they are not so familiar with. And of course, don’t restrict your circle of influence to the upper management alone. Even your peers can help spread good word about you.

Go above and beyond

Sure, you are real good at your job but have you done things over what’s expected of you? Taken initiative and made your mark at work when it wasn’t part of your KRA to begin with? Stepping in, being flexible, and taking responsibility when there is a need for extra help or a crisis situation will get you the right attention.

Speak up

Getting noticed has a lot to do with making your presence felt. Whether it is about ideating or suggesting alternatives to do something more efficiently or simply sharing your point of view with ideas for improvements, speaking up can help a great deal. It greatly highlights the value you bring to the organization and creates more opportunities for growth. Just make sure you don’t overdo it or stray away from being objective.

Play the numbers game

Building your case for a promotion by detailing out your successes can significantly add to accelerating your career. And when you put that in numbers, it is easier to comprehend and sounds impressive. Make sure to record your wins and put them across in a way that draws on the scale of your success.