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Types Of Gold Rings And Where You Can Wear It
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Types Of Gold Rings And Where You Can Wear It

Gold is known to be one of the most precious metals in India. Also, wearing gold is not only is considered a symbol of prosperity but also an emblem of power. With high resale value, gold ornaments are expensive and considered to be a luxury. However, with changing times and trends, gold jewelry has been adorned in many shapes and styles. There is a gold accessory for every occasion. From gifting, celebrating to showering yourself with love, you can always find an appropriate gold accessory. Be it marriages or any other auspicious celebration such as Diwali, gold has an important part to play and is a part of some other ritual.

One of the most commonly bought gold accessories is rings made of gold. Easy to carry and style, gold rings are all the rage. You can decorate your hands with beautiful gold rings that celebrate womanhood as no other accessory can. Besides the heavy traditional designs, now you can shop for delicate and finely crafted minimalistic gold rings that can also blend in with your work wardrobe.

To help you get a better idea of the types of gold rings available in the market today, here are four categories of rings that you can add to your collection:

White Gold Rings


What is White Gold?
White gold is gold mixed with a silver alloy to bring out the subtle silver finish that has its own charm and charisma. As precious as yellow gold, white gold jewelry is equally elegant. However, every gold jewelry has some amount of alloy mixed, as gold alone is a very soft metal and isn’t ideal for being crafted into ornaments. And in the case of white gold, alloys that have a silvery-white colour, such as palladium and silver, are used. Then to give the final touch, it is coated with rhodium- a precious metal belonging to the platinum family is used that further adds more strength and, more importantly, a uniquely lustrous white surface sheen.

Style Tip: White gold rings can be teamed up with your workwear wardrobe along with white gold earrings for an absolutely empowered woman in action!

Gorgeous Rose Gold Rings


What Is Rose Gold?
Rose gold is gold mixed with copper and silver alloy to give the gold a subtle pinkish tint. Highly in-demand ladies adorn rose gold ornaments due to their elegant colour and versatility.

Style Tip: Add a simple rose gold ring to your everyday wardrobe and make it radiate and glow with an eccentric shine effortlessly. Universally flattering these rings can blend in with your casual, formal, and even everyday Indian outfits with minimum effort!

Yellow Gold Rings


What Is Yellow Gold?
Yellow gold is mixed with copper and zinc alloy mostly to bring out that signature yellow colour. A very popular colour amongst the Indians, yellow gold rings and other universally flattering accessories are ideal for all wardrobes and occasions.

Style Tip: Wear a short kurta or a button-down shirt with your cigarette pants with yellow gold rings to make your outfit stand out from the others without even trying. A symbol of richness and power, these rings are sure to make your entire wardrobe more impactful!

Combination Rings


What Are Combination Rings?
Rings that are a mix of two or more types of gold are known as combination rings. There are many gold ornaments in the market today that are a perfect blend of white, rose, and yellow gold with or without diamonds to make your outfit gleam with perfection.

Style Tip: This particular ring is from our ‘Love To Go To Work Collection’ and is thus, perfect for your work wardrobe. However, you can make a style statement at parties and celebrations with this type of ring regardless!

Love In All Colours!

Hands, when dressed with rings and bracelets, can do the talking for you. Your accessories can narrator your story better than anything else in the world. So, notch up your style game with subtle gold rings of any colour that truly match your aesthetic. Moreover, when shopping for gold rings, make sure you opt for reliable gold sellers. We at Mi promise to serve you with the best quality product and offer you true value for your money.

So, follow your heart and simply add to the cart now!