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This Season Gift Love with Dainty Pendants

There is nothing better than getting presents, whether big or small. It is always a pleasure to receive something that is given to us with love.

It doesn't have to be the most expensive gift in the world to make someone happy. The suspense around what's inside the box is one of the reasons why people get so fascinated by the idea of gifts. For a long time now, jewellery has been one of the most popular types of gifts. Gifting a pendant, whether it is a gold or diamond, has really picked up on the trend. Both women and men love to embellish themselves with exquisite gems.

Gestures such as gifting a pendant have evolved into a means of communicating how precious somebody is to you. At Mia by Tanishq, you can find a vast collection of gold and diamond pendants to gift your loved ones!


Mia Mystic 14kt Detachable Rose Gold Pendant For Sagittarians


This distinctive gold pendant, made of 14kt gold, features the Saggitarius constellation on the base side and the archer emblem on another. The Blue of the stone seems surreal. It is perched above the base to direct energies where they are best needed! There is also a removable option available.

This pendant enhances the untamed curiosity and passion for the life of the intellectual giants who are the Sagittarians. It is their faithful companion for an everlasting shine because of their independent and active lifestyle.


14kt Yellow Gold Pendant With Diamonds


This Mia by Tanishq gold and diamond pendant is made with a balance of beauty and elegance for effortless everyday wear. It's an ideal gift for a special person in your life. It has a simplistic and minimalistic design.

To say the least, pendants are quite versatile. You can mix and match your favourite pendant with your choice of chain. For instance, this very piece here will give you a very chic look in formal office attire.


14 Kt White Gold Triangle Diamond Pendant


There is no doubt that diamonds are timeless and rise even above new trends. They will not ever go out of style. This particular piece is a lovely triangle-shaped diamond pendant in 14 KT white gold. It would be a great distinctive addition to your collection. It can go well with a variety of braided chains, or it can look just fine being solo as well. In terms of quality, the diamond falls in the I2 grade.


14 Kt Yellow Gold Astral Diamond Pendant


This sleek, contemporary necklace is made of 14 KT yellow gold and has a hexagonal form to offer some flare to your regular attire. The elegant design is the focal point of this modern and beautiful diamond pendant. With this magnificent piece, you may elegantly accessorise your business attire or evening gown. Moreover, the diamond in this pendant is I2 in terms of quality.


Rapping Up

Try to recall the presents you have gotten throughout the years and think - how many are still in use? The point is, everything ages after a point, but jewellery doesn't! It transcends time and generations! The fact that jewellery is one of the best gift suggestions ever should go without saying. But for those who are still unsure, keep in mind that there are countless options. There is absolutely no dearth of variety when it comes to pendants, whether it be gold, diamonds, platinum, silver, etc.

We can assure you that at Mia by Tanishq, you will definitely find something worth gifting to your loved ones! Have a look at our collection today!