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The Kinds of Stress at Work - And How to Zen Out
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The Kinds of Stress at Work - And How to Zen Out

Feeling burned out? Like all the energy is sucked out of you and you literally have to drag your body to work everyday? These signs pretty much indicate that you’re experiencing job-related stress. Tight deadlines, heavy workload, and uncooperative colleagues can send you rolling down the stress slope. While your body is tuned to take care of it by upping your adrenaline so you can cope with those situations, it reaches a saturation point when the situation stretches beyond your capability to handle it.  And that’s where the alarm rings!

Now dealing with this chronic stress can be complicated, because it involves deep diving into your pain points and fixing it accordingly.  So here we are charting out the situations that can grip you at work and stress you out and what’s the best way to deal with them.

Work Overload

You have got only one brain and two hands. You can’t possibly take on everything. And when you’re excessively dumped, the only way to keep yourself from feeling strung is to find a place of quiet, sit back, breathe, and count till 10. Apart from this, delegate responsibilities to others and put away your “to-do” list for a while and you’ll be left feeling better in no time.

Underpaid and Undervalued

You work your tail off and yet the value that’s pinned on you is unreasonably low. It can break your confidence and boost stress levels. Get talking to your boss about it and while you might not yield fruits right away, you could get some pointers on how to improve your situation. One of the best ways to deal with this is by banishing negative self-talk in order get a hold on yourself and thus sustain a zen-like calm.

Pangs of Fear

If you’re among those on a managerial level, tasked with a larger responsibility that has wide-ranging consequences, chances are you are a victim of fear-based stress. Check in with your senses to keep the stress from creeping on to you. Meditation can really help calm you down and reinforce positivity. Also, reaching out to gain some perspective can largely help deal with this.

Difficult Colleagues

Not everyone agrees on everything and working with others can get difficult sometimes, and also lead to being wronged. The only way to deal with it is to keep your sanity and confront the other person as soon as possible. Being zen translates to going with the flow so before you take any rash decisions or say something in the spur of the moment, pause and think. It will definitely help with avoiding any oncoming anxiety.