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Shine Bright with Our Gold Jewellery Collection

Have you seen someone wear gold jewellery and thought that it suited her perfectly? Did you know that jewellery should be selected based on your skin tone? Yes, that’s the secret to looking flawless with the jewellery that you decide to put on.

We all have varying skin undertones that can tell us whether silver or gold jewellery would suit us better. But you don’t have to worry about trying to understand what your tones are, as most of us, with brown skin, have yellow undertones which means that gold jewellery would suit us more than silver.

At Mia by Tanishq, we have an extensive collection of gold jewellery that you can choose from. You can purchase gold jewellery online as well, as this process seems more convenient for many. Getting jewellery of this yellow metal can accentuate your features and make you feel more beautiful than ever before.

We have an extensive collection of 14 carat gold jewellery that includes rings, necklaces, bangles, bracelets, earrings, and much more. These will surely satisfy all your jewellery needs, and leave you wanting more.

Here is the range of our gold jewellery collection you can choose from.


At Mia by Tanishq, we have curated gold jewellery that is designed primarily for the woman of today. This means that the pieces are dainty and stylish, making them perfect for your everyday wear. Rings are one of the most popular gold jewellery pieces since they can be styled easily for various occasions.

You can check out simple gold band rings that can be worn daily while running errands and in your office space as well since they look super professional. For occasions that require you to dress up and look fancy, you can check out the collection of gold jewellery that suits the event you are going to.

Browse through our collection of rings with a wider band that is studded with diamonds or adorned with precious stones for a fun and exciting look.


If you are on the lookout for gold jewellery that will make you feel beautiful while also making a statement, our necklace collection is perfect for you. Whether you are going shopping with your girlfriends or planning to party all night at the club, having a string of precious jewels around your neck is always a good option.

These kinds of gold jewellery will look elegant as well as exciting. For a subtle look, you can select minimal style necklaces that have a simple pendant or a contemporary design. For a more striking look that can be paired with your party outfit, going with a bold design that is a head-turner can be a great option.


One of the most versatile gold jewellery pieces is earrings. These come in a variety of different designs and styles which make them a great choice for your jewellery collection. This gold jewellery piece will ensure that you look super stylish as soon as you step out of your house.

Many women prefer to have a simple pair of earrings that goes with every outfit so that they can be put on every day without giving it a second thought. This saves time and energy while you are getting ready in the morning. For this purpose, the gold jewellery at Mia is perfect.

The earrings you can find here are super simple with a modern design, and can be put on with every outfit since gold jewellery is neutral it looks stylish with everything you wear, whether it be Indian or western clothes.

If you are interested in savouring our gold jewellery, head on to Mia by Tanishq today to find the gold jewellery of your dreams.