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Trendy Mangalsutra Pendant Designs You Should Know About!

Every country, culture, or social group, differentiated by geographical parameters, has one thing in common, i.e., they all believe in the purity of marriage. Moreover, every marriage becomes official with a material object that symbolizes love and commitment between the two partners. Just like rings are an important element of marriage in the U.S., the mangalsutra holds similar significance in our country.

The word ‘mangalsutra’ literally translates to an auspicious thread that a Hindu woman has to wear throughout her life after marriage. Now, since it has become such an integral part of your life, why not get one that looks stunning with all your outfits?

Being a statement piece of jewellery, nowadays, designers combine the holy black and gold beads with a modern touch of the mangalsutra pendant design. At Mia by Tanishq, we have an extensive range of mangalsutra designs that are gorgeous and suit every bride’s taste. Let’s look at some versatile mangalsutra designs for you to choose from.

1. 14kt Yellow Gold Seal Shell Mangalsutra

This 14karat yellow gold mangalsutra with seashell pendant is perfect for defining your eternal love as it perfectly captures the spirit of the boundless ocean. If you are a bride-to-be who adores nature and is looking forward to starting this important phase of your life with the essence of nature, then you should definitely check out this design. You can pair this beautiful mangalsutra with either ethnic or western wear to accentuate your neckline.


2. A Tear of Joy Yellow Gold Mangalsutra

The thought of getting married to your ideal partner must have overwhelmed you so many times. To capture this unexplainable emotion, you can get this unique yellow gold crafted mangalsutra with a teardrop shape containing a teardrop shaped diamond. Adorn this gorgeous piece with a heavily worked saree or salwar for the best outcome.


3. Yellow Gold & Diamond Pendant Mangalsutra

This diamond pendant mangalsutra is specially designed to match the taste of modern-day women. Look at this effortless blend of elegance and style. If you are not a big fan of enormous pendants, this minimalist and chic design will go well with all your styles and outfits. Flaunt this beauty with a monochrome outfit and be the stellar beauty that you are.


4. 14kt Yellow Gold Mangalsutra - Clashing Waves of Love

The intermingling diamond-crusted waves are a perfect representation of the soul of your partner always reaching out to you. As you can clearly see, this auspicious mangalsutra is a perfect blend of modernity and tradition. Don this beautiful mangalsutra with your favorite Indo-western collection to make the heads turn. Let your eternal relationship with your better half amplify and shine brightly with this mangalsutra.


5. Yellow Gold Diamond Ring with Rose Gold Plating

We have often heard that fish always bring positivity and good health into our lives. Designed with tiny fish motif and diamond studded pebbles, this chic mangalsutra is inspired by the same belief. This gorgeous and unique design with a beautiful arrangement of diamonds would enhance the beauty of your neckline. Adorn it with your everyday ensemble and celebrate the solid thread of your love.


Celebrate the Loop of Love with Mia by Tanishq

The glow on your face that has been brought about by your partner’s everlasting love for you will only be enhanced by this strong symbol of love. The stunning collection of trendy and tasteful mangalsutra designs at Mia by Tanishq is made to mirror the feminine energy that you exude.

We, at Mia by Tanishq have an extensive range of carefully curated collection of mangalsutra designs with fine craftsmanship to suit your style!