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Add a Touch of Boldness to Your Style with Gold Nose Pins

Classic, ethnic, and modern- all in one nose pin. The nose pin has been in this world for as long as we can remember. All the historic places have women and men with nose pins carved to tell a bold and beautiful tale of victory and love. During the early times, nose pins were limited not only to women but also men. It was, and it still is, a statement of bold empowerment that gives a boost to your aura.

A nose pin can make and break your look, but that is the case with other jewellery types. So what makes a nose pin so special? Nowadays, the concept and fashion of nose pins have become limited to only women; rarely will you see a man with his nose pierced. With the rise in trends, it is important to stay up to date with what the realm of nose pins has in store for you.

Let us look at some designs which can add a touch of boldness to your style:

14kt Yellow Gold Diamond Nose Pin

Incarnating a vibe filled with class and simplicity, this gold nose ring is curated for today's independent woman. This yellow gold nose pin is tufted with dazzling diamonds giving it a vibrant appeal. Carefully crafted to augment the unbending spirit of modern women.


14ktYellow Gold Diamond Nose Pin

Transform the whole look as you grace your nose with this dainty gold nose pin. Featuring a serene floral design, with a half-diamond flower that sits well with the golden swirl. This nose pin emits a Sylvan charm. Embellished with breathtaking diamonds, this nose pin is indeed a timeless classic.


14kt Yellow Gold Diamond Nose Pin With Floral Design

Precise craftsmanship is displayed in this shiny gold nose pin from Mia by Tanishq. Embarked with a sleek and elegant floral design, this yellow gold nose pin is studded with resplendent diamonds. Be it a formal, semi-formal or casual look, this gold nose pin will justify your beauty without a doubt!


The Treasure Chest of Nose pins

From gold and diamond nose pins to nose tops in any shape and size, we have a vast range of stylish nose pins available in our store today. Indeed, there is no need for any occasion to dress up and wear stylish jewellery. Keeping that in mind, nose pins have become a needed staple for women who are drawn toward a sleek display of their essence and personality through jewellery. When we think of nose pins today, we frequently relate them with a rebellious nature of sorts.

Although in ancient times, it was more often observed and seen as a sign of authentic credibility and traditional wear. Whether you style the nose pin with ethnic clothes or casual modern clothes, Mia by Tanishq curates jewellery that is never a bad choice.

We all know that nose pins have seen a tremendous rise in the world of fashion trends, whether for the vintage traditional aesthetic or the modern and edgy chic look. Mia by Tanishq brings to you the finest nose pins that bring out the best in you. The trendsetter nose pin range by Mia by Tanishq is for all the ladies who wish to make a bold statement studded with gold and diamonds! Women already have such dazzling personalities, to begin with; Mia by Tanishq only flows with the energy and intention of the wearer to give the best look they could wish for.

Visit our official website today and find all the trendy, aesthetic and beautifully designed nose pins for every day and every occasion. All at affordable prices, so why wait?