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A Peek into the Tradition of Styling Bangles

Bangles may seem like ordinary wearables, but they hold an impressive amount of significance in the Indian heritage. They are prized possessions that hold a gracious sense of blessing. At the same time, it is a staple of Indian traditional jewellery, no look is complete without them. They can be extravagant and minimal; they are versatile enough to fit all occasions in life.

The tradition of wearing bangles started in ancient times, but to this day, their significance has not wavered. They are a bold expression of femininity with popping colors to add nothing but grace to your personality.

This article discusses the history, significance, and tradition of styling them. Let us peek into the realm of the extraordinary purpose behind bangles for women in India!

A Rich Heritage

‘Bangri’ means glass in Hindi, and the word bangle is derived from it. Bangles were made of precious metals, copper and iron, and other substances like wood, plastic, and glass. Archeologists, through their excavations, have found remains of bangles and sculptures of women adoring bangles, dating back to prominent empires like Mauryan, Mayan, Roman, and Indian.

Bangles are a poetic symbol magnifying the epitome of poise and charm. The infamous Bollywood phrase “bole choodiyaan, bole kangana” only signifies the expression women want to make about empowerment and beauty crafted with love, for the love of bangles.

Originally, bangles were worn by both women in the past, but as times progressed, they became limited to women. Distinct colors signify diverse values; for instance, red and green colored bangles are worn at weddings because they carry the blessing of prosperity, good luck, and fertility. Purple represents independence, while gold radiates fortune. Like a Mangal sutra, bangles are also important for a bride. Diverse religions follow their own color scheme to magnify the blessings of their gods.

The Style Aspect of Bangles

When we talk about styling bangles for women, a wedding is the first occasion that comes to mind. The role of bangles becomes the most crucial for a bride when she is at the turning point of life, leaping to the marital side. The above-mentioned word ‘Bangri’ means the ornament that adores the arm in Sanskrit. That explains their purpose in terms of look and message, both being precious to the core. The tradition of styling bangles is not going anywhere, it is growing and taking its own creative shape.

Earlier, the primary use of bangles was limited to ethnic wear and heavy extravagant outfits. With modernism touching and impacting all traditions, bangles have become more fluid with casual clothing. Gen Z has taken over the planet of fashion and accessories, and the best aspect of the takeover is that the traditional essence is always presently mixed with modern clothing and a sense of style.

The maximal trend is coming back, and jewellery is no exception. The best advantage of styling jewellery like bangles and necklaces is that they look elegant and stylish in an extravagant amount as well. They do not look tacky or less attractive; going all out with them makes their glory shine more. Pairing gold bangles for women with a casual white shirt and blue jeans alone can make an empowering statement. Likewise, pairing precious or non-precious with the right color coordination brings a new light to your personality.

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