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Missed Valentine's Day? Make Up for it on Women's Day with These 5 Gold Rings

Were you on the search for the perfect valentine’s gift for your woman but couldn’t find it? If you couldn’t show the woman of your dreams how much she means to you on valentine’s day, don’t worry! You’re blessed with a second chance to show her how much she means to you.

With woman’s day just around the corner, this is the golden opportunity for you to redeem yourself with scintillating jewellery she’ll be absolutely flattered by.

Shopping for women can be tricky as everyone has their own sense of personal style and the kind of jewellery they prefer. A gold ring is a great option as it is a classic, but even though it may seem simple to buy, there are numerous styles, colors, and designs to choose from.

Although a gold ring is a perfect gift, selecting the one that matches the vibe of your woman is also super important. If you’re confused about which designs to buy, here are 5 gold ring styles to help you out in your quest to find the perfect women’s day gift.

Every woman is a queen in her own right and deserves a crown! In today’s modern age, a gold ring symbolizing a crown with its V-like element is just perfect. With fifteen brilliant-cut diamonds, this gold ring adds more pizzazz with a line of polished gold beads. Slip this gold ring on your woman for her to look flawless and trendier than ever.


Experimental design meets femininity perfectly in this 14KT rose gold ring from our Glintz collection. This edgy design displays three open ends that are definitely an eye-catcher. With the combination of nine diamonds and twelve pink sapphires, this gold ring gives a dainty, feminine look. This blush, sleek ring will go perfectly with your evening dress.


Isn’t every woman special? Yes, they are, and they must have a ring that signifies that. Our yellow gold ring with lines of polished gold beads is the best gesture of love you could make. The central part has seven round cut diamonds that are enclosed within rose gold elements like you’ve never seen before. The overall look of the gold ring is gorgeous and majestic, making it the perfect statement accessory with any outfit.


If the woman in your life loves to make a strong impression with her style, our Pink Whitney Ring would be the perfect selection. Blending glamour and feminine energy, this eye-catching ring is sure to make a statement. This gold ring has a glistening yellow band with baguette and round cut stones in varying shades of pink.


With our yellow gold and diamond ring, we elevate our classics to the next level. This neoteric design features two geometric cubes that are interlocked. They symbolize the two attributes of permanence and stability. This classic piece of jewellery is decorated with 17 round-cut diamonds, and the gold ring is polished for a soft textured feel. It is a subtle piece of jewellery that a woman can always have on her person.


Celebrate Womanhood with Bling

This women’s day, celebrate the strength and love of women in your lives with our gold rings. Even though gold has been a part of women’s jewellery for decades, it has not lost its shine. It looks just as beautiful as the women who wear don it.

With these sleek and contemporary designs show the lovely women how much they mean to you. Our gold rings are crafted with care and curated with precision to celebrate womanhood in all its glory.