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Match Your Celebratory Mood with Trendy Diwali Jewellery

When someone asks you to recall the best time of the year, we are sure that the festive time of Diwali comes to mind. Not only is this a time of celebration and worship, but a time when the entire country lights up the night sky with beautiful lights and decorations.

Cleaning and decorating our houses to welcome good luck has become a part of the tradition and Diwali festivities. Along with this, everyone also dresses up in their best ethnic outfits and put on the best collection of Diwali jewellery.

If you have found the perfect Diwali outfit but are on the hunt for jewellery for Diwali, then you must check out the extensive range of gold and silver jewellery pieces from our collection at Mia by Tanishq.

Here is a glimpse into our world and some of the latest designs of trendy Diwali jewellery.


Diwali Spiral Design

If you are looking for Diwali jewellery designs that is the perfect mix of gold and silver, then this 14kt yellow gold and diamond spiral pendant is for you. It brings together the traditional aesthetic and trendy design with a classic minimal design.

The diamond used in this pendant with chain has a unique design that is sure to make you stand out in the crowd. You can style this with almost any ethnic outfit since it is super versatile.


Simplicity at its Best

During the festive season, everyone wants to look extra! This means loud clothes and big, sparkly jewellery. But what if you are someone who thrives in simple and minimal styles? Finding Diwali jewellery that is subtle is always a hassle, but with our simple 18kt gorgeous two stone diamond ring, you can look simple yet flawless.

Because we all know less is more, right?


Rose Gold Dangles

The best Diwali jewellery is the one that stands out and makes a statement, right? This one-of-a-kind design features small diamond studded round motifs that are placed in a linear design, showcasing an opulent dangling piece of jewellery.

Dangling earrings are the perfect companion for you during the festive season, so why not give your traditional jhumkas a modern twist with this design? It looks breath-taking and sophisticated at the same time. Put on your favourite silk saree and add these earrings to get the best festive look!


How to Style Jewellery for Diwali?

Many of us may decide to purchase the best jewellery for Diwali without selecting the outfit that we are going to wear. This can result in mismatch and the overall look not fitting well together. Thus, it is essential to shop for the outfit and jewellery together.

You can pick either one to start with; if you have been eyeing a pink lehenga, you can shop for silver jewellery that will go with the modern aesthetic. On the other hand, if you have the perfect set of Navratna jewellery passed down from your mother, you can shop for a lehenga that will go with this style of jewellery.

A simple rule to remember is that silver diamond jewellery goes well with cooler tones like blue, silver, purple etc. Whereas gold and Navratna jewellery can be paired with warm tones like red, yellow, orange, brown, and more. This can be remembered while you are shopping for the festive season to make your outfit cohesive.


Where to Find the Best Jewellery for Diwali?

During this time of the year, the air is filled with glittering lights and the smell of Indian sweets, there is a feeling of joy and celebration at every street corner. To match this festive mood, you must get Diwali jewellery from only the best stores out there.

One of the best places to shop from is Mia by Tanishq! Our collection has the perfect mix of statement pieces and dainty designs, ensuring that you have jewellery for every mood!