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Let this Range of Elegant Mangalsutras Add Grace to your Wedding Outfit

When women in India wear mangalsutras, it brings them joy and pride. It is an elegant piece of ornament with emotional and cultural significance. Even though it is of great importance in an Indian wedding, most women find it difficult to style them with different dresses, especially western outfits. It may be because the traditional design of mangalsutras fail to pair with the contemporary outfits.

However, it is not that hard to match them with your current wardrobe. Do some mix and match and try out different combinations. We understand the importance of this piece of jewellery, and this is why you will find a stunning collection of mangalsutras at Mia by Tanishq.

Western clothing comes in a wide range from long gowns to basic jeans. All these outfits can go well with any traditional jewellery piece offered at Mia by Tanishq. The right combination will elevate your entire ensemble. Moreover, the most interesting thing about decorating your western outfits is that you can never go out of jewellery choices.

You are probably looking for some unique mangalsutra designs if you are getting married soon. While many brides still choose the traditional gold and black beads, there is a growing number of quirky and interesting mangalsutra styles to check out.

Here are some designs from our collection for you to consider.


14kt Yellow Gold Mangalsutra


We understand and believe that a straightforward design can convey a lot. This elegant, simple, and straightforward design complements any aesthetic. A gold heart sign is artistically sculpted with an infinite knot, black beads, and a diamond-studded flower.

A sleek gold chain suspends the heart. This beautiful design is perfect for your wedding lehenga. But what makes it special is the fact that it is so lightweight and stylish. You can easily wear a skirt and top with this long, slender mangalsutra chain.


18kt Yellow Gold and Diamonds Mangalsutra


Make your mangalsutra as versatile as you want. By adding or removing a few pieces of jewellery, you can easily achieve your perfect wedding attire. By layering a mangalsutra chain and pendant sets with your stunning lehenga, you can quickly up the style factor of your ensemble.

Hence, even if you are wearing a somewhat plain lehenga, your mangalsutra will look stunning with it. Despite being made of 18kt yellow gold, this mangalsutra is deeply rooted in tradition. Its design captures the flow of motion with a delicate line of brilliant diamonds. To exude a brilliant radiance, show off the timeless design with a monochromatic look.


Mangalsutra Evil Eye 14k Yellow Gold


Allowing your stunning mangalsutra to take centre stage is an excellent way to complete your look. All you need is a neutral colour scheme for your makeup to complete the look. This mangalsutra has a thin chain on each side with an infinity knot on one end.

It has a beautifully crafted evil eye (nazar) adorned with black beads and diamonds. So, rock this mangalsutra and show off your fashion sense on your big day.


Allow your Mangalsutra to Shine

We hope you were successful in choosing the best design for you. These pieces of jewellery are for all the fashion-forward women who have always wanted to stand out with their bold and stunning looks.

There are numerous gold and diamond mangalsutra designs available, ranging from modern to unusual chain mangalsutra with valuable stones. All your jewellery requirements can be met at Mia by Tanishq.