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4 Chain Pendants That Can Add More Glam to Your Wedding Party Look

How To Style Chain Pendants with An Evening Gown?

Do you have a cocktail party planned and are not sure how to style your even gown?

Well, in that case, we have an incredible hack for you. You can add a sleek, chic, and super-elite chain to your dress and make it stand out effortlessly. Regardless of the colour of your dress, you can style gold chains and make a bold fashion statement at the event. There is something about gold chains that simply no other accessory can match. They are simple yet sophisticated in a delicate manner to bring about a radiant glow of confidence to your getup naturally.

If you like to keep it subtle, you can buy gold chain online with Mia by Tanishq. We have a unique collection of gold and silver accessories crafted specially to meet the needs and requirements of today’s modern woman. There are not many but thousands of ways to style a chain but a gold chain, when styled with an evening gown, has a rare charm of its own.


To help you get a better, clearer idea of styling a chain with an evening gown, we have listed a few simple, elegant ways to help you rock the look!

The Classic Combination of Black and Gold When you style this gold chain with a black evening gown, you get a glow like no other. A great way to uplift your outfit you this chain with solid gold earrings will enhance your look while adding more grandeur to it. Moreover, you can also team this chain with a red, blue, or golden evening gown to outshine everyone at the party with your fabulous sense of dressing up and styling your accessories. Go ahead and add a chic clutch to your outfit, and voila! You’re all set to slay.

If you are someone who likes to stick to the classics, then these regal diamond studs are for you. The base is made of yellow gold on which a cluster of diamonds is studded. These are bold and beautiful diamond studs that will catch the eye of anyone who passes by you.

These timeless diamond studs give off a regal vibe and are a great pair to buy for yourself or your loved one. This kind of jewellery will never go out of style, which makes it even more beautiful to buy.

Very Chic and Elite

Our personal favourite this gold chain is universally flattering and can be paired with all your outfits. A great fit for the wardrobe of a modern woman, this chain has a charm of its own that can create magic when combined with your persona. So, wait no more. Shop for this mesmerizing chain from our collection and elevate all your cocktail looks with minimum effort; all you need is a bold ring and subtle drop earrings to complete the classy look. Flawless and glamourous this chain is a true stunner!

Get Set Go Gorgeous

It is rightly said that simplicity is the most ultimate form of sophistication, and this gold chain is a true example. Add this sleek yet bold gold chain to your maroon evening gown. Don’t forget to wear elbow-length gloves and an elegant solid gold bangle in one hand a golden watch in the other to feel like you’re walking the red carpet.

Channel Classy from Within

Channel Classy from Within Did you know you the way you look and feel impacts your personality in a great way? Your wardrobe is a great way to express yourself, so when you dress in a bold, confident manner, you are sure to feel classy and confident at all times. So, at the next cocktail party, you must focus on how a dress or a piece of jewelry makes you feel instead of simply following the trends.

At Mia by Tanishq, we have an exclusive collection of gold chains and other accessories to empower women from within. So, if you haven’t already, check out our extensive collection of contemporary jewelry today!