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Here’s How to Make Heads Turn with Gold Jewellery

A jewellery lover knows that classic, timeless gold jewellery pieces are must-haves for every collection. Sure, diamonds are a woman’s best friend and silver is perfect for everyday wear, but there is something alluring about gold jewellery that makes it almost irresistible to the buyer.

Maybe it’s the nostalgic feeling of watching our mothers donning their beautiful gold ‘jhumkis’ as a kid that makes gold jewellery so appealing. Or maybe it’s simply the opulent feeling associated with this precious metal which makes it such a popular, go-to choice. Whatever it may be, gold jewellery is indeed a must-have for every collector.

Even from an investment point of view, gold jewellery is an excellent option. It is a safe and reliable way of doubling your wealth over time. If you are considering buying gold jewellery, you should check out the gorgeous collection of gold jewellery from Mia by Tanishq. However, if you are a smart owner of gold jewellery then for you we have some useful tips on how to take care of and style your gold pieces beautifully.

How To Take Care of Your Gold Jewellery?

The jewellery you buy is not pure gold but a mix of alloys to make it strong and durable. However good alloys will still receive scratches and be susceptible to bending or breaking if not taken care of properly. Therefore, in order to maintain the lustre of your gold jewellery we recommend taking proper care and storing your jewellery pieces in the right places. Here are a few tips to keep in mind while taking care of your gold jewellery:

- Soak your gold jewellery: Before starting the cleaning, you should soak your gold jewellery in lukewarm water for a minimum of 3 hours and then start scrubbing it with a soft brush. Do not use paper towels or tissues because they can scratch your 14-carat gold jewellery.

- Only clean when required: Excessive cleaning is not a great idea when it comes to your gold jewellery. It is advisable to only clean when required.

- Say no to bleach: Rubbing alcohol is a great cleaner for sanitizing and cleaning your gold jewellery but you should always avoid using bleach on your jewellery pieces.

Style Your Gold Pieces to Look Like A Million Bucks

If you want to make heads turn with your statement jewellery, then we have some fantastic tips for you:

- Layer it up: If you are opting for gold necklaces, then you should try layering it up for a more modern and chic attire. Different lengths of necklaces will provide a more structured look. Pair your gold chokers with long chains for a contemporary look, perfect for a night out in the city.

- Find jewellery that compliments your skin tone: There are various colours of 14-carat gold jewellery online to choose from. Rose gold, yellow gold, white gold, pink gold, with so many options, the sky is the limit! You can choose the colour that suits your skins tone the best. People with warm skin undertones look great in yellow gold and people with cool undertones look beautiful in white and pink gold. If you want to look extremely flattering with your 14-carat gold jewellery you should explore the different colours of gold based on your skin undertones.

- Keep it minimal: There is something about the minimal style of gold jewellery that makes it almost irresistible. For everyday wear, minimal pieces are a wonderful way to elevate your look. If you are wearing a layered necklace to bring attention to your neckline, then avoid wearing heavy earrings with it.

- Fusion to Create a Stunning OOTD: When it comes to styling gold jewellery, experimentation is the key. You can pair your favourite kundan style bangles with western blazers for a unique, head-turning look. Don’t be afraid to experiment and find your style with gold jewellery; it is highly versatile and is a must-have for every jewellery lover!

- Mix and match: If you are unsure whether yellow gold suits you more than rose gold then you can style both of these metals together and create a distinctive look which makes you stand out.

Grow Your Gold Jewellery Collection with Mia by Tanishq

Remember that gold is timeless, so if you adore it, embrace it. Mix and match your gold jewellery to create beautiful combinations for every occasion, from business meetings to a glamorous night out. Gold is the winning option! Now that you know how to wear your gold jewellery, please check out our wonderful variety of necklaces, pendants, earrings, bracelets, and rings; you should explore Mia by Tanishq. Their wide range of gorgeous and timeless pieces has something for everyone. On their website, you can find plenty of beautiful 14-karat gold jewellery online to add to your collection.