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Here’s a Look at the Latest Kids Jewellery Designs

In India, jewellery is not just meant for keeping prized possessions by your side, but it also holds a spiritual and religious meaning. This is mainly the reason why not only adults wear jewellery, but so do kids. Therefore, there are impressive designs when it comes to kids’ jewellery these days, and they go a long way too. In some cases, it is said that kids’ jewellery gold bestows good luck, protection, and health. As an ode to the beliefs of our society, the trend for kids’ jewellery is steadily rising in today’s market.


Why is Jewellery for Kids Best Made in Gold?

An essential factor to remember while buying kids’ jewellery is that comfort is very important here. Jewellery for kids must be made from pure gold, so the items do not harm their sensitive skin. The texture of the design should be smooth to avoid rashes and abrasions. Kids are not as responsible as adults when it comes to precious jewellery. Hence, it is preferable if the jewellery is not chunky or heavy so they don’t end up losing the items. The child should not even feel like it’s there!

Mia by Tanishq produces jewellery keeping these concerns in mind. Thus, there is a plethora of comfortable, safe and cute choices for families and friends to pick for young children to wear.

In India, a child’s ears are pierced at a very young age, and gold becomes the safest choice to go with because it comes with hypoallergenic properties. These properties prevent an allergic reaction and keep harm away from their sensitive skin. In addition, kids’ gold jewellery supplies far more value as its kids’ t also becomes heirlooms to pass down to future generations.

Below is a list of beautiful pieces for your child made of pure gold. First, let’s look at the adorable kids’ jewellery collection by Mia by Tanishq:


22 Kt Yellow Gold Modish Stars Unisex Bangle for Kids


A perfect companion for your child, this sleek and striking bangle is curated to light up your kid’s style with the featured cylindrical motif and star pattern. This bangle has an attached adjustable band that gives your child the perfect fit! This bangle is unisex.


18 Kt Yellow Gold Adorable Star Stud Earrings for Kids


These start pattern studs are an absolute delight to look at when a child puts them on. These stud earrings are finished beautifully with blue enamel making the star appear in contrast against yellow gold. So let your child reach for the stars wearing these cute pair of stud earrings.


18kt Yellow Gold Versatile Star Unisex Bracelet for Kids

Match your little one’s outfit beautifully with this cute reversible bracelet featuring a star pattern. The star motif comes with red and blue enamel on either side of the design and can be flipped to match the color of the outfit. This bracelet is unisex.


22 Kt Yellow Gold Contemporary Cloud Unisex Bracelet for Kids


This cute contemporary cloud bracelet comes with stars above the cloud to convey the innocence of children. Imagine how refreshing it would be on your kid’s wrist. Add a touch of love to this bracelet and bring a smile to your child’s face. This bracelet is unisex.


Choose Mia by Tanishq for Your Precious Kids’ Jewellery Needs

We have created a collection that suits your child the best way possible and keeps in mind that their skin is prone to abrasions. Browse through designs that make the children feel comfortable wearing their jewellery.

Now that we have gotten a sneak peek into the world of jewellery for kids choose items that please your eye the most. We meet the expectations you have for your kid’s jewellery in gold.

Mia by Tanishq has got all the adorable designs for your children.