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Everyday Gold - Pieces to Amp Up your Daily Style
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Everyday Gold - Pieces to Amp Up your Daily Style

Accessorizing is a great way of playing up your outfit. You could style up an outfit of basics with a statement piece of jewellery or keep it subtle and play down a busy outfit with minimal accessories. Jewellery when worn right, completes an outfit. It adds character to what you wear, defining and making your look distinctive - a look that’s so uniquely you.

Having said that, it is crucially important to accessorize just right for every occasion. Keep it subtle and understated at work, chic and minimalistic on a casual day out, bold and loud on your nights out and simple elegant pieces for your everyday outfits.

One of the most versatile of materials, we think suit an Indian working woman is - gold. It goes great with our skin tones and compliments almost every colour palette with effortless ease and elegance. A material that can be taken seriously, while also adding an element of everlasting style to a working woman’s wardrobe.

Here are the pieces we believe are perfect for you to make a part of your daily attire completing each of your looks be it at work, a cocktail party, on business trips or just your everyday social occasions.

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1) A gold ring adorned with pearls and diamonds:

A simple but interesting finger ring crusted with pearls and diamonds that would stand out with a simple black dress or an elaborate after hours outfit.

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2) Bold, Gold studs:

A pair of gold studs that are of an intriguing design, crafted to elevate just about any outfit. While a bold choice, it can be worn with a brightly printed shift dress at work or a colour blocked outfit that needs a little bit of edge.

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3) Modern Pendants:

A delicate chain with a modern pendant is an accessory that fits almost any attire. A piece that can be a constant fixture whether you’re dressed for an important meeting, a formal dinner or a Saturday off duty lunch.

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4) A simple statement bracelet:

A thin but elegant bracelet to bring out for those special occasions. Adorned with a element of a cluster of diamonds. A bracelet that would go with a western ensemble with as much ease as it would with your indian attire. A must have, this piece will have you styling countless outfits, ensuring that each of your looks are appropriately accessorized.