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Easy ‘Recovery’ Tips for the Wedding Season
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Easy ‘Recovery’ Tips for the Wedding Season

The BFF is getting married! An exciting but stressful time - how are you going to balance all her functions with work,– and still come out looking your glowing best in all the albums and selfies?

Here are some tips to help you navigate yet another big fat Indian wedding season:

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Smoothie through things:

Head to the bar. But don’t overdo it, every night. Instead opt for a (sugar-free) fresh fruit juice or a delicious smoothie. You’ll thank yourself the next day!

If it’s a destination wedding, choose water and sleep over mid-flight champagne and gossip. You’ll minimise jetlag, and be all set to enjoy the nuptial festivities the moment you pass Immigration.

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Detox Detox Detox

Sip warm water. Have a fresh lime. Take a breather from all the buffets that are sure to be set out - and choose light salads and soups over heavy food. Sneak off from work and head to a spa mid-week. Or simply go sweat it out in the gym. You’ll feel lighter – and look a lot fresher post cocktail night.

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Try and get some sleep! Don’t turn sundowners into sunrisers every evening!

Make up your mind that a few cocktail nights won’t stretch too long. Ensure you spend a few minutes with the bride and groom, and their friend gangs, so they know you were there. (After that they’ll probably be too busy to see how much longer you stayed). And then make an excuse about retrieving something from your car, as you make a quiet exit.

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Dance a lot :)

The one good thing about Indian weddings is the DJ, and the dance floor. Spend serious time on it: enjoying the latest hit tracks, even as you get a super workout. You’ll go home feeling a lot more relaxed – and will be all set to face the next day without a care.

If everything fails: the next morning use make up well, drink some green tea, put on your largest pair of sunglasses – and be there with a determined grin on to help get your best friend through yet another function.