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Classy Cocktail Rings to Jazz Up Your Style

Be it for a formal look, an important get-together, or a casual affair, rings are such a thing that every woman simply adores. These tiny pieces of jewels play a significant part in making or breaking one's overall look. Not just limited to weddings and engagements, rings are used as an active part of effective fashion accessories today.

In fact, even if you do not like donning a lot of jewellery, chic and elegant rings are loved by all of us. This is because the right choice of rose gold rings and plain gold rings can make your subtle style turn into a gorgeous look. However, since there is an extensive range of designer rings available, it is important to look for the ones that truly match your taste.

For this, we at Mia by Tanishq use advanced technology and the finest craftsmanship to create a great range of timeless rings to look perfect on your pretty fingers. From single-stoned rings and multiple-stoned rings to rose gold rings and plain gold rings, we have it all. Let’s look at some of the classy cocktail ring designs to spruce up your party look.

1. Caribbean Rum Punch Ring


The distinguished beauty of this plain gold ring is even more enhanced by the dazzling spiral of marquise-cut stones. Moreover, the precious red stone gives a finishing look to this thing of beauty. Wear it with a stunning knee-length dress, along with high heels and gold earrings to make heads turn at a party.

2. Emerald Isle Ring


It is so old school to wait for a man to gift you jewelry. For the modern woman that you are, let this glamorous cocktail-inspired ring be a gift from you to you. The intricately crafted floral motifs with two prong-set emeralds make it a great choice for your inner fashionista. Wear this amazing piece with a simple silk saree or an evening gown and amp up the glamour with this eye-catching ring.

3. Sangria Ring


This plain gold ring is designed with a bouquet of alternating pink stones in prong settings that speaks gorgeous in bold. The versatility of this thing of opulence will make you look distinguished in the crowd. Wear this ridiculously gorgeous ring with a flattering halter neck top and get ready to witness the heads turn.

4. Irish Coffee Ring


This gleaming cocktail ring comes with grooves fitted with dark red stones, forming elegant stripes. The authenticity of this exquisite design will continue to inspire you to embrace your original self every time you wear it. What makes it quirky is the beautiful blend of modern technique and artisanship that went into its making. Easy to slide in, this gold ring can attract the attention of people around. Wear it with a long skirt and rock that dance performance on your friend’s sangeet.

5. Mai Tai Ring


The sleek curves of this ring bring out the dazzling beauty of the emerald. So, seize the day with this designer ring which carries the brightness of sparkling stars. Wearing this will remind you of the one-of-a-kind personality that you possess. Don’t do this with your shimmery dress to stand out in a crowd.

Final Thoughts!

Rose gold rings and plain gold rings have always been worn around the world as a fashion accessories. However, with the incoming of modern technologies have come modern designs. This is why it is important to buy timeless jewellery to keep up with the trend. You can get hundreds of more such designer cocktail rings according to your moods and needs. Explore our website today!