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Charm Your Best Friend by Gifting Them These Elegant Bangles

Did you know that bangles are one of the oldest pieces of jewellery ever worn? Yet, even after decades, their enticing beauty and charm continue to captivate us all. This is because simply adorning your wrist with a tiny and beautiful bangle may make your outfit stand out and boost your confidence. This is what also makes bangles the best gift for your best friend – the person who knows you in and out and the one you want to keep close to for the rest of your life.

The styles of bangles available on the market nowadays are endless. This is because they have risen in popularity and are worn by women worldwide. However, gold bangles with diamonds are the most popular in India because they appear gorgeous and fascinating with any attire.

Mia by Tanishq retails these and many other varieties of gold and diamond bangles online. Our assortment is well-suited for today's women, ranging from delicate and minimal bangles to classic gold bangles for women.

Checking out an attractive range of bangles that may be included in your best friend's jewellery stockpile may be the way to go if you want to elevate her style with a little bit of bling.

Here are some bangles from our collection that can help you make a statement at any event.


Blooming Bangle


Floral designs have always been a popular motif in women's jewellery, but they are not as common in bangle designs. So, at Mia by Tanishq, we designed this bracelet specifically for you—the person who cannot get enough of feminine floral designs.

This rose gold bangle is the ideal piece of spring jewellery and is appropriate for any occasion. This luxurious bangle design features flower elements with three petals with an ombre appearance and brilliant stones inside them.

This rose gold bangle comes to life with a diamond in the centre of each blossom, making it even more beautiful.


Piece of Yellow Gold


We have all seen our mothers wear simple gold bangles around their wrists and wished to emulate them. But why not add a twist to it? Our 14kt gold bangle studded with diamonds is an excellent choice for keeping the allure of gold alive with a one-of-a-kind design.

This beautiful bangle has three oval-shaped designs that emphasize its one-of-a-kind appearance. This bangle is appropriate for various events since it looks great with everything from classic Indian suits and sarees to flowy western attire.


The Big Bang(le) Theory


Do you know how the universe came to be? With the Big Bang, you guessed it! This idea describes how the world came to be, and we were inspired by it when designing this one-of-a-kind sculpture. This basic bangle comprises two circles joined by trefoil cut-out motifs.

It perfectly depicts the modern style, capturing the minimalist aesthetic. You can use this bangle with a pair of stone-wash denim and a white blouse for a classic stylish appearance that is suitable for casual occasions.

Style this bangle with a dressy bodycon dress for a sleek high-fashion look.


The Perfect Way to Style Your Wrists

You may be tempted to delve deeper and browse our collection now that you've seen a taste of what Mia by Tanishq offers. You can select from various bangles, ranging from sleek patterns to one-of-a-kind bangles set with precious stones. From our wide range of bangle collections, you can choose the ones that truly reflect your charm. These accessories will surely elevate your outfit and make you stand out from the crowd.

Mia by Tanishq is here to fulfil all your jewellery desires!