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Catch Up With The Top Colour Trends This Season
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Catch Up With The Top Colour Trends This Season

As the weather cools this season, all trends incline towards the warm. Colours, textures, patterns it’s all about keeping warm. Sizzle this warm atmosphere pairing it with some hot accessories.

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New Neutrals

If you're more of the soft hues person, then the neutrals like camel, beige and grey can be your perfect picks. Going by the season, neutrals also go perfectly with layering while they complement every skin tone without being a drag. Amp up your look in this subtle tone by pairing it with the contrast coloured stone necklaces and earrings that keep the look a little bold.

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Reds and Family

You can’t plan for the cooler season trends without having the hot and fiery colour family on the list. From the powerful and dynamic red to its darker, deeper and other sophisticated but attention grabbing colour mates, this colour is an absolute essential for a statement look this season. Anchor this look by picking a promising gold and diamond accessory in exclusive shapes and sassy designs.


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Earthy Green

The soothing olive and golden lime colours are classic companions to the chilly fall. Pair this muted colour with sparkling diamonds or subtly highlight it with a minimal gold jewellery to make your statement shine with a mystic warmth.

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