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Best Jewelry Gifts For Valentine’s Day
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Best Jewelry Gifts For Valentine’s Day

You express love to people around you - the ones who really matter in subtle and silent ways everyday. There are some days that deserve an expression that breaks the monotony, adding a little glimmer to an otherwise mundane day. Sometimes a simple gift can sparhk joy in unexpected ways. Usher in the moment, this Valentine's Day with a gift that will reflect the same sparkle you see in her eyes, in the gift you’ll present.

Unsure what you should be adding to your list? Still contemplating if you should buy jewelry? With 2020 being a total dread, there’s no better way and time to express your love, than a gift hallmarked in love. We’ve rounded up jeweler that matches your precious relationship status and takes the hassle off what is the best gift to give the woman in your life ordeal.

1. For Your Better Half

Love is all it takes, for two souls, to bond as one and complete each other. You and your partner may not be individually perfect, but like the imperfect heart, you two are moulded in love. For the woman, who makes your life and every moment better, these hearts are a perfect addition to her jewelry closet.

A) She charms you and in every way she makes your life better. This 14k gold bracelet, with heart shaped charms in yellow gold, white gold and rose gold perfectly represent the three beautiful phases of your eternal bond. She will always wear your heart on her wrist and smile when it will dangle at every movement.

B) A pendant that is elegant, stylish and classic that will never go out of fashion. Not bent by the ever-changing trends, this pendant clad in 14k yellow gold is an eternal keepsake. This valentine’s day, give her a jewel that will make onlookers envious and your better half - sparkle with happiness.

2. For the Galantine.

For the girls, your friends who have always supported you, been there for you, give her a gift that’s a perfect power accessory. Nothing says you are precious than a diamond, impeccably crafted jewelry by a brand that is synonymous to finest quality.

A) A gift that vibes perfectly with your tribe. Allure of the simplicity, captivating lustre and design that is timeless like your friendship. Cannot think of a better gift than this for your galantine, neither can we.

B) Like the special friendship you share, this piece will also pronounce a special meaning. For the friend who is your chosen family, give her a gift that is hallmarked in the most precious metal - 14k gold. The playful design studded with high quality diamonds is a showstopper, she will always love to flaunt.

3. For transiting the TBD status

Hovering between we are in a relationship to its still complicated status? If you are looking to change your relationship status from being single to professing your feelings for her. Mark this milestone moment in your relationship with a jewel from Mia.

A) A symbol of love, set in a prong setting, the solitaire in white gold is the perfect gift to express your feelings with a gift. A solitaire is everlasting, like your relationship and the way you feel about her.

B) You can never go wrong with diamonds and hearts. Your Valentine will only be obsessed with this gift and of course the new relationship status.

4. For Expressing Self-Love

Woman, you are amazing, you've come this far and you definitely deserve to sparkle in your glory. What better way than a diamond jewel to show yourself the love you deserve. Make self-love the mantra of the year, go all out and give yourself the happiness of a beautiful diamond crafted in a design that shines brighter than the stars.

A) You’re a Queen, an enchanting princess and this pendant is a reminder, and you deserve nothing less. Gilded in rose gold, with diamonds forming a heart in heart, the crown atop is yours to own. Don't let anybody, make you believe otherwise. Gift yourself this pendant as a reminder that you are born to slay.

B) A beautiful pendant that's equal parts stylish and thoughtful. It is a perfect gift from you to you. Flowers symbolize hope and this rose gold flower will always evoke a sense of bloom, to become the best version of you. The three circles that ascend in size, mark the growth that's yours to externalize.

5. For La Familia

You’re never too late or too early to show gratitude to people who've been there with you through thick and thin. In your onward journey of life, family has been the most valuable constants. Nothing says love like the present of time and the precious jewelry bonded in 14k gold and diamond.

A) Who is it for? Your mother, sister, sister-in-law, daughter, any woman who you cherish as family. The bangle is a perfect representation of your bond - infinite, joined by heart with never ending love that flows for each other.

B) Your family means the world to you and this pendant radiates just that. A world in your palm. Like different personalities of a family, the bubbly rose gold and traditional gold cladded pendant is symbolic of your world filled in love.

6. For Your Bae-To-Become

Pop the question, tell her you love her and you really can't wait to make her yours. Ring it right, with rings that are not only a mark of excellence but also one that truly emanates and personifies your relationship. After all, nothing says I love you like a good old traditional ring. What makes it even better? A design that's warped in modernism, reflecting your eternal future together, like the infinite circle of the ring.

A) She’s going to wear the proposal / engagement ring forever. You want to ensure a statement making and heart tugging choice.

B) A finger candy that is sweet and also special for life. Make it remarkable and what better occasion than Valentine’s Day to pop that question.