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Apps that will Organize your Work - life
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Apps that will Organize your Work - life

Our phones are pretty much our lifelines, and they stay with us wherever we go. Coupled with the internet, you get a lot more out of it. We bet you’ll agree! In the midst of the million phone calls and mindless browsing, how about putting it to good use and saving some actual time? And making our lives a whole lot easier in the process.  Enter: productivity apps. These can be pretty useful in keeping track of your work and schedule, helping you organize better, and allowing you to perform little tasks that you’ll otherwise need a laptop or your PC for.

Now there can be some that do the reverse of saving time. So here we are with a guide on the best apps that can help you get more done. 


You know that time when you had a brilliant idea? And right when you decided to discuss it with your colleague or your boss, it simply eluded you? Well, Evernote is for those kind of ideas. More like your own diary where you jot down whatever comes to your mind and make notes, except a lot simpler. It even allows you to snap pictures, save web pages, organize documents, and add audio files that might have inspired these ideas in the first place, perfect for keeping track of your thoughts.


The name pretty much says it all. For your to-dos, your shopping lists, and reminders, this app will help you make a list for right about anything under the sun. Whether you are trying to manage countless tasks at work, keep track of everything that needs to be sent out to the client, delegate work to somebody, or have conversations with your colleagues on project developments, this app is perfect. It will solve the perennial problem of getting everything on your checklist ticked, and in time.

Newton Mail

One app for the Gmail, the Outlook, the Mailbox, iCloud Mail and practically every mail provider that you possibly might be using. It syncs all your mails instantly, enables read receipts, allows you to snooze emails, schedule them, and even integrates other productivity apps like Trello and Evernote. So you can seamlessly conquer your emails, especially when you’re on the go.

Microsoft Office Suite

This is quite a no-brainer. You never know when you’ll need to open a ppt or a document. Get this suite for all your presentations, spreadsheets, and documents and you’ll never be caught without a file. It also integrates Dropbox, so you can share and download your files easily.


Getting prepped before a meeting couldn’t get any easier! The Accompany app is the virtual version of your personal assistant. It interweaves your calendar with your contacts. So when you head out for a meeting, you can get the news about who you are going to meet, their professional history, information about their company, and other tidbits of financials and reports for all the data points you’d want to be equipped with.