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7 Workwear Jewellery Do's and Don'ts
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7 Workwear Jewellery Do's and Don'ts

We believe that no outfit is complete without jewellery. It polishes your look like nothing else. Jewellery can instantly upgrade any look from good to amazing.  But let’s be honest. It’s not that simple. So this is where we come in with pointers to slay those workwear looks and in style!

Don’t overkill

The only thing that’s worse than too many pieces is blinding sparkle. No, we are not exaggerating. Restraint is a good word to use here. Both in terms of glitter and extra pieces. Give those two a timeout else you will just drown in them and they will just end up taking away from your personality.

Don’t go plain jane

That said, it isn’t a good idea to under-embellish as well because your entire look can border drab. Either power in statement pieces or stack up/layer your jewellery to add a dose of interesting.

Do mix and match

Jewellery is all about the details. Just because keeping jewellery to an optimal number is a good thing, doesn’t mean you can’t experiment with different pieces. The versatility in jewellery will add an interest to your outfit, bringing out different elements. Pick a focal piece and add coloured accents or mix different metals.

Don’t wear clinking jewellery

The sound of jangling bangles and dangling earrings that sway way out of the way are a total no-no in the office environment. Stay away from those distracting pieces. You want the focus to lay on you, not your noisy, overpowering jewellery.

Do plug in your outfit

It’s worth remembering that your outfit and your jewellery must come together in the end. So look at what you’re wearing to avoid making you look too busy in certain areas and empty in others. For instance, if you’re wearing a collared shirt, give those long earrings a miss as it can tend to make your neck look like there is too much going on.

Don’t wear impracticality

You’re going to be at work, busy and you don’t want to be wearing something that hinders you. Whether it’s the intricate detailing in your bracelets that get entwined on your blazer’s sleeve or your ring that obstructs when you’re typing, it’s a good idea to keep them at bay.

Do consider the seasons

Just like your outfits, your jewellery needs to be in tune with the seasons as well. Think rose gold and delicate pearl jewellery for winter, floral motifs and coloured enamel for spring, and bring out those light gold and diamond pieces, and coloured stones for the blazing summers.