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4 Wedding Rings to Choose from When Shopping This Season

4 Wedding Rings to Choose from When Shopping This Season

Wedding rings have a special place in all our hearts. They are not only a memento or souvenir of love but also equivalent to a lifelong promise. To select a wedding ring for her when you are about to ask her the big question can get a bit tricky because you want to bring her the best ring that is in the world and also stick to your budget at the same time. What if we told you, unlike the traditional time nowadays, you could shop for beautiful minimalistic wedding rings at reasonable prices? Amazing right?

There are thousands of brands that offer minimalistic, chic, and sleek wedding rings to win her heart. The best part about the rings today is that they are crafted to blend in the wardrobes of modern women who have more than one role to play in their life. Gold and diamond rings can be a great accessory for a working professional who is also a wife or mother by the end of the day.


To give you an idea about what kind of weddings rings we are referring to, here are four beautiful wedding rings from our exclusive collection that will make her fall for you even more:

Diamond For The Devine

If you pick this elegant diamond ring as your wedding ring, then she will be lucky to have you in her life. Unique and exclusive, this wedding ring stands out from the others with its captivating oceanic hues of white and blue cubic zirconia that not only add depth to the ring but also make it sparkle up with colour. You can never go wrong with this majestic diamond and gold ring, as it was crafted with perfection to amaze!

The Modern-Day Love Story

A minimalistic rose gold band that emanates love and sophistication. If she is someone who likes to keep it subtle and simple at the same time, then this gorgeous rose gold ring from our Valentine’s Day collection is exactly what you must get her. One of a kind, this one out of all our wedding rings is a showstopper design as it can blend in with her entire wardrobe without any hassle.

Add More To Her Grandeur

A marvellous example of fine craftsmanship and intricate design, this diamond ring is a bold and grand celebration of love. Get down on one knee with this royal ring and wait for her reaction. One of our personal favourites amongst the other wedding rings this one has a magic of its own and can uplift her outfit like no other accessory in this world can!

For Your Princess

Gold rings have been one of the most timeless accessories in the history of fashion accessories. With changing trends, rose gold rings, platinum rings, and many other rings made from precious metals have gained more or equal significance as gold rings. In fact, today, a lot of young women prefer rose gold rings over yellow gold, and this fact makes them great wedding rings too!

By, From, For, and With Love

Weddings rings are nothing but love in a tangible state. It does not have to be the most expensive ring in the market to be crafted from and for love. Listen to your heart when buying her a wedding ring and make her feel loved with a ring that resonates with her personality and your relationship. Lastly, a word of advice when looking for wedding rings, make sure you opt for known brands such as ours to ensure value for money. At Mia by Tanishq, we offer premium quality products at affordable and genuine prices that make our products most desired and coveted.