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Don’t Let Covid Dull Your Sparkle: 4 Reasons To Buy Jewellery In Quarantine
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Don’t Let Covid Dull Your Sparkle: 4 Reasons To Buy Jewellery In Quarantine

Let’s get this right off the bat. Hardly anything is normal, these days. Getting cooped up at home can get frustrating. And to top it off, it looks like anything remotely fun or entertaining has been shut down. So, what can we do in this situation? Well, buy some jewellery, of course.

Surprised? It might not seem the most obvious thing to do, but jewellery can come to your rescue during the dull quarantine moments. Here are four ways it can brighten things up:

Turn On The Glamour During Zoom Meetings

An eye-catching rose gold pendant to bring glamour to your zoom meetings

Just because the meeting is online, doesn’t mean people aren’t going to see you. When you sit in front of the webcam, everything from the chest-up comes into mega focus. And hey, why give up accessorizing because your office has gone virtual? Dress up for you! Looking presentable makes you feel better and also puts your mind in the work-mode - it's science. So pick out a bold statement piece from our collection that accentuates your face or neck. And thrill your fellow zoom-callers with your style. Yes, yes, you can still keep your pyjama pants on.

Look Your Best During House Parties

Stunning yellow gold and diamond hoop earrings for your favourite party dress

With quarantine norms relaxing, house parties have become the flavour of the year. Hey, it’s safer to chill with your friends at home than risk going outside. So you might find yourself playing hostess more frequently than usual. And we all know, for a house party you need an amazing dress. And with the perfect dress, you need the right accessories too. So whether you’re hosting dinner for your family or having lunch with colleagues you don’t meet so often now, look your best with some fun and stylish jewellery.

It’s A Future Investment

Stylish and affordable 14KT yellow gold ring with great future value

Apart from giving you the little shot of serotonin, buying jewellery during the pandemic is also an excellent financial investment. Seriously. For one, you can flaunt these pieces when things get better. What’s more, our 14KT gold jewellery is affordable and offers great future value too. Buying online is safe, and our returns policy is super-satisfying. Having second thoughts? Return the unused product. Jewellery doesn’t fit? Get it exchanged quickly. Even with a reduced paycheck, Mia offers such a variety of options that it's easy to find something that fits your budget.

Gift It To Someone Who Deserves It

A charming white and yellow gold bracelet for someone special

Covid’s been hard on all of us. But there are women who’ve had their workload doubled by this quarantine. Children aren’t in school. Husbands working from home. And their own jobs and careers to manage on top of that. These women deserve applause. Or better yet, they deserve a token of your appreciation. And there's no better way to show your admiration for all the super-moms and wives than by gifting them these beautiful pieces.

So whether it’s to maintain a sense of normalcy, plan for the times ahead or appreciate unsung heroes, buying jewellery during COVID is a great idea. They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but we think all jewellery should deserve the title. And no pandemic can change that. A little sparkle on your ears, fingers or hands makes this whole quarantine thing lots more fun.