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10 Words to Keep off Your LinkedIn Profile
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10 Words to Keep off Your LinkedIn Profile

Words can inspire. And words can destroy. Choose yours well.

- Robin Sharma

Words, whether spoken or written, can either put your career into fast-track or kill it. Now your LinkedIn profile is the first impression on a prospective employer and what you put on there can make the difference between getting you invited to a job interview or ensuring you are blacklisted. No matter how impressive your professional background is, some words just go against the grain of your achievements, letting you blend with a million other people. So before you go off writing your adjective-laden LinkedIn summary, have a look at this sure-shot guide on words that are better avoided than added, no matter how relevant they sound. And no, a thesaurus won’t help.

1. Specialized
2. Passionate
3. Creative
4. Strategic
5. Innovative
6. Driven
7. Extensive experience
8. Dynamic
9. Dedicated
10. Team Player

These words are either overused or are a given no matter the job you are looking at. All too often, these words are an understatement. Instead of using these words, demonstrate them. Get into storytelling through numbers and facts. Upload your work. If you want to show your “strategic” abilities, put up a deck that elucidates your thought process when it came to solving problems at work. And to truly stand out, engage your potential employer. Share content that is relevant to your industry, give your opinion on something that shows your expertise in your line of work. Doing this will offer great insight into who you are and set you well apart from the “me-toos”!